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Consolidating Private Student Loans With Bad Credit Can Alleviate Financial Woes

The cost of a college education means students spend most of their time securing funding. So, when it comes to graduation day, they face huge debts that ensure they are under acute financial pressure even before they can begin their careers. Refinancing the debt is a wise move, especially when it comes to private student loans with bad credit.

Private loans are more expensive than the federal equivalent, but are also the most common. Often, the terms include a period of grace, but once that ends the full weight of the debt comes down to bear. As a result, repaying college debts becomes very difficult.

Refinancing the student loans through a consolidation program is widely recognized as the most effective option. This means that the original college debts are cleared, but with the terms of the consolidation loan better, the pressure of repaying it is significantly less.

Consolidation Programs Explained

Getting private student loans with bad credit is not a particularly difficult task. Most lenders understand that students have little or no income, but also that their education is the best way of securing a good job. The result is a greater open-mindedness towards students than other bad credit borrowers.

The problem is the cost of covering tuition fees and living expenses. And since each college year brings with it new expenses, as many as 5 loans can have been taken out by a typical student before they reach graduation day.

Taking this into account, repaying college debt is far from easy. But a consolidation program allows these individual debts to be combined, paid off and replaced by a more manageable loan. And as an added bonus, because the student loans are actually repaid in full, and not written off as in bankruptcy, the credit history of the student is greatly improved.

Typical Consolidation Loan Terms

As with all financial agreements, the terms of a consolidation loan need to be as good as possible. This is fairly likely when the borrower had secured private student loans with bad credit. Those terms would not have been ideal, making the potential for improvement much bigger. However, not all college loans are private; there are federal loans to consider too.

There is a major difference between private and federal student loans, with the government supported federal option usually coming with good terms anyway. Therefore, a typical private loan consolidation program will not provide the benefits to make the move worthwhile. So, repaying college debts from federal loans needs a special federal consolidation program.

There is no doubt that consolidating multiple student loans is the best option when trying to clear these debts, but be sure to choose the right program for each.

Qualifying for a Program

While a consolidation loan is viewed by lenders as another loan product, from which they will make a tidy profit, it is generally a simple process to qualify for one. Even getting private student loans with bad credit required some faith on the part of the lenders, but a consolidation program is seen as a replacement that fully repays the original loans.

Basically, the lenders who granted the original loans get their money back along with all the interest due. This is clearly a happy conclusion from their point of view. Still, there are some criteria to meet, such as having a minimum debt of ,000 and that repaying college debts is unlikely under the existing terms.

They also need confirmation that the consolidation loan is affordable too. If not, then the loan term can be extended to help lower it. But while the overall interest paid over a longer term is more, clearing those student loans makes such things worthwhile.

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How to Get A No Credit Check Auto Loan

There are times in the lives of some people when their credit is compromised and is not as perfect as it should be. This can be due to past issues, late payments, repossession of a vehicle, foreclosure, or a variety of other problems. Regardless of the reason, this can make it extremely difficult to get a loan for a new car when you need it. No credit check auto loans are one way that you can get the loan for a new car in Kansas City and there are several places that you can find these amazing loans.

Many dealerships in the Kansas City area offer what is called on the lot financing. This is a type of no credit check auto loan that is pretty easy to find. If you are unsure of whether a particular lot offers on the lot financing to their customers, just ask the salesman. If they do offer this type of financing to their customers, they will be more than happy to tell you about what they have to offer and help you apply. Most of these auto loans only require that you show proof of your employment and income.

If you are applying for a no credit check auto loan, you will usually be required to make a pretty large down payment on your loan. The down payment for this type of loan can sometimes be a bit larger than what would be required through other financial institutions. However, this is one of the things that these dealerships do to make sure that they do get a good portion of their money up front. In some cases, the dealership will negotiate a down payment that is more affordable. Just talk openly with them about your circumstances and let them know up front how much you are able to afford and they will most likely work with you.

It does not matter if you have bad credit or not, you may eventually need a new car. This is why the no credit check auto loan is available and you should not hesitate to look at the options. This type of loan could be the answer that you have been searching for to help you get a new vehicle. In Kansas City, there are many car dealerships that offer this financing option to their customers and you should have no trouble getting the car that you need.

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Device Hardening, Vulnerability Scanning and Threat Mitigation for Compliance and Security

All security standards and Corporate Governance Compliance Policies such as PCI DSS, GCSx CoCo, SOX (Sarbanes Oxley), NERC CIP, HIPAA, HITECH, GLBA, ISO27000 and FISMA require devices such as PCs, Windows Servers, Unix Servers, network devices such as firewalls, Intrusion Protection Systems (IPS) and routers to be secure in order that they protect confidential data secure.

There are a number of buzzwords being used in this area - Security Vulnerabilities and Device Hardening?
'Hardening' a device requires known security 'vulnerabilities' to be eliminated or mitigated. A vulnerability is any weakness or flaw in the software design, implementation or administration of a system that provides a mechanism for a threat to exploit the weakness of a system or process.
There are two main areas to address in order to eliminate security vulnerabilities - configuration settings and software flaws in program and operating system files.
Eliminating vulnerabilites will require either 'remediation' - typically a software upgrade or patch for program or OS files - or 'mitigation' - a configuration settings change. Hardening is required equally for servers, workstations and network devices such as firewalls, switches and routers.

How do I identify Vulnerabilities?
A Vulnerability scan or external Penetration Test will report on all vulnerabilities applicable to your systems and applications.
You can buy in 3rd Party scanning/pen testing services - pen testing by its very nature is done externally via the public internet as this is where any threat would be exploited from.
Vulnerability Scanning services need to be delivered in situ on-site. This can either be performed by a 3rd Party Consultant with scanning hardware, or you can purchase a 'black box' solution whereby a scanning appliance is permanently sited within your network and scans are provisioned remotely.
Of course, the results of any scan are only accurate at the time of the scan which is why solutions that continuously track configuration changes are the only real way to guarantee the security of your IT estate is maintained.

What is the difference between 'remediation' and 'mitigation'?
'Remediation' of a vulnerability results in the flaw being removed or fixed permanently, so this term generally applies to any software update or patch. Patch management is increasingly automated by the Operating System and Product Developer - as long as you implement patches when released, then in-built vulnerabilities will be remediated.
As an example, the recently reported Operation Aurora, classified as an Advanced Persistent Threat or APT, was successful in infiltrating Google and Adobe. A vulnerability within Internet Explorer was used to plant malware on targeted users' PCs that allowed access to sensitive data. The remediation for this vulnerability is to 'fix' Internet Explorer using Microsoft released patches.
Vulnerability 'mitigation' via Configuration settings ensures vulnerabilities are disabled. Configuration-based vulnerabilities are no more or less potentially damaging than those needing to be remediated via a patch, although a securely configured device may well mitigate a program or OS-based threat.
The biggest issue with Configuration-based vulnerabilities is that they can be re-introduced or enabled at any time - just a few clicks are needed to change most configuration settings.

How often are new vulnerabilities discovered?
Unfortunately, all of the time! Worse still, often the only way that the global community discovers a vulnerability is after a hacker has discovered it and exploited it. It is only when the damage has been done and the hack traced back to its source that a preventative course of action, either patch or configuration settings, can be formulated.
There are various centralized repositories of threats and vulnerabilities on the web such as the MITRE CCE lists and many security product vendors compile live threat reports or 'storm center' websites.

So all I need to do is to work through the checklist and then I am secure?
In theory, but there are literally hundreds of known vulnerabilities for each platform and even in a small IT estate, the task of verifying the hardened status of each and every device is an almost impossible task to conduct manually.

Even if you automate the vulnerability scanning task using a scanning tool to identify how hardened your devices are before you start, you will still have work to do to mitigate and remediate vulnerabilities.
But this is only the first step - if you consider a typical configuration vulnerability, for example, a Windows Server should have the Guest account disabled. If you run a scan, identify where this vulnerability exists for your devices, and then take steps to mitigate this vulnerability by disabling the Guest Account, then you will have hardened these devices.
However, if another user with Administrator privileges then accesses these same servers and re-enables the Guest Account for any reason, you will then be left exposed. Of course, you wont know that the server has been rendered vulnerable until you next run a scan which may not be for another 3 months or even 12 months.
There is another factor that hasn't yet been covered which is how do you protect systems from an internal threat - more on this later.

So tight change management is essential for ensuring we remain compliant?
Indeed - Section 6.4 of the PCI DSS describes the requirements for a formally managed Change Management process for this very reason. Any change to a server or network device may have an impact on the device's 'hardened' state and therefore it is imperative that this is considered when making changes.
If you are using a continuous configuration change tracking solution then you will have an audit trail available giving you 'closed loop' change management - so the detail of the approved change is documented, along with details of the exact changes that were actually implemented. Furthermore, the devices changed will be re-assessed for vulnerabilities and their compliant state confirmed automatically.

What about internal threats? Cybercrime is joining the Organised Crime league which means this is not just about stopping malicious hackers proving their skills as a fun pastime!
Firewalling, Intrusion Protection Systems, AntiVirus software and fully implemented device hardening measures will still not stop or even detect a rogue employee who works as an 'inside man'. This kind of threat could result in malware being introduced to otherwise secure systems by an employee with Administrator Rights, or even backdoors being programmed into core business applications.
Similarly, with the advent of Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) such as the publicized 'Aurora' hacks that use social engineering to dupe employees into introducing 'Zero-Day' malware.
'Zero-Day' threats exploit previously unknown vulnerabilities - a hacker discovers a new vulnerability and formulates an attack process to exploit it. The job then is to understand how the attack happened and more importantly how to remediate or mitigate future re-occurrences of the threat. By their very nature, anti-virus measures are often powerless against 'zero-day' threats.
In fact, the only way to detect these types of threats is to use File-Integrity Monitoring technology.
"All the firewalls, Intrusion Protection Systems, Anti-virus and Process Whitelisting technology in the world won't save you from a well-orchestrated internal hack where the perpetrator has admin rights to key servers or legitimate access to application code - file integrity monitoring used in conjunction with tight change control is the only way to properly govern sensitive payment card systems" Phil Snell, CTO, NNT

See our other whitepaper 'File-Integrity Monitoring - The Last Line of Defense of the PCI DSS' for more background to this area, but this is a brief summary -
Clearly, it is important to verify all adds, changes and deletions of files as any change may be significant in compromising the security of a host. This can be achieved by monitoring for should be any attributes changes and the size of the file.

However, since we are looking to prevent one of the most sophisticated types of hack we need to introduce a completely infallible means of guaranteeing file integrity. This calls for each file to be 'DNA Fingerprinted', typically generated using a Secure Hash Algorithm. A Secure Hash Algorithm, such as SHA1 or MD5, produces a unique, hash value based on the contents of the file and ensures that even a single character changing in a file will be detected. This means that even if a program is modified to expose payment card details, but the file is then 'padded' to make it the same size as the original file and with all other attributes edited to make the file look and feel the same, the modifications will still be exposed.
This is why the PCI DSS makes File-Integrity Monitoring a mandatory requirement and why it is increasingly considered as vital a component in system security as firewalling and anti-virus defences.

Device hardening is an essential discipline for any organization serious about security. Furthermore, if your organization is subject to any corporate governance or formal security standard, such as PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA, NERC CIP, ISO 27K, GCSx Co Co, then device hardening will be a mandatory requirement.
- All servers, workstations and network devices need to be hardened via a combination of configuration settings and software patch deployment
- Any change to a device may adversely affect its hardened state and render your organization exposed to security threats
- file-integrity monitoring must also be employed to mitigate 'zero-day' threats and the threat from the 'inside man'
- vulnerability checklists will change regularly as new threats are identified

Budget is NOT a Four Letter Word: Knowing the Difference Between Discretionary and Non-discretionary Spending

What does the word budget mean to you? Do you immediately have a negative reaction and feel as if a noose is tightening around your neck? Many people have a negative emotional response and thus, the word budget is not often seen in a positive light. In fact, some people can't create and/or stick to a budget, simply because of what the word means to them.

Budget is not a four-letter word! And considering the challenging economy we're in, it should be a word that is not only embraced, but spoken loudly and without embarrassment, trepidation or fear.

Why is a budget important? Because more likely than not, you are among the more than half of workers out there living paycheck to paycheck and wouldn't it be nice to know where your money is really going? Wouldn't it be nice to have more control over your hard earned dollars and save for retirement and pay off debt? And maybe even take a nice trip or two and not completely panic when the water heater dies (because you've budgeted for home repair)?

The key to starting a budget for yourself or your family is knowing the difference between discretionary and non-discretionary spending.

Non-discretionary spending is what you MUST spend each month to keep a roof over your head, the lights on, and food on the table. Housing is usually the largest chunk of everybody's non-discretionary spending. And while we are less able to change non-discretionary spending over the short term, your decisions do play a major role in how much this is (i.e. do you really need a 5,000 square foot house for 4 people or 2 new leased cars every 3 years?)

Discretionary spending includes all the extras trips to Starbucks, entertainment, premium movie channels, vacations, etc. After you've paid all your bills, do you know where all your money goes?

To find out, start writing down what you spend. Carry a small notebook in your pocket or purse and write down the amount each time you make a purchase, either in cash, on a debit card or on your credit card. At the end of the month, total the amount in the notepad.

I know many people who have done this exercise over a few months and were completely surprised (and a bit depressed) about how much they were spending and how little they had to show for it. Spending a month on fancy coffee drinks, 0 on lunches out, or 0 on shoes and accessories that are hardly used is not uncommon. The people who I've talked to who have done this exercise often begin to question many of their purchases because they start to think of other ways they could be spending their money and having it work for them.

There's nothing wrong with spending a day on double latte if that's where you want your money to go. But you may decide that you'd rather spend that 0 a year on a new couch, use it for that trip to Paris you've always wanted to take, or save it for next year because you know little Johnny is going need braces.

If you have spending or saving goals and really want to meet them, knowing where your money is really going is the best place to start.

Sample Prospecting Letter

Need any help in writing the perfect prospecting letter? A sample prospecting letter and a few tips on how to write it, are given here to help you.

Prospecting letters are written to market one's candidature to potential employers for a particular job, or making a business proposal to potential clients. It is a way of introducing oneself to a company before directly meeting anyone for an interview. Prospecting letter examples include, letters written by candidates to companies, to apply for an internship or job, letters by insurance agents or financial planners to prospective clients, or sales letters written to propose a business service. Prospecting letters are a type of cover letters. The sample prospecting letter given below will give you a good idea about how to write it in the right way.

Prospecting Letter Format

Here are the main points to be covered in a prospecting letter:
1. At the beginning of the letter, mention your name, address, contact number and e-mail id. It can even be written in the header.
2. Next, write the date.
3. Then address the letter to the concerned person. Write the addressee's name, designation, company name along-with a brief mention of the company's address. Do not write "to whomsoever it may concern".
4. Next is the salutation, which can be "Dear Mr./Ms." It is always better to address the person by his name.
5. The first paragraph should include a reference as to how you were brought to notice about any openings in the company, why the particular company interests you, and what research you have done on the company.
6. Second and third paragraphs should give a brief introduction of your own self. Don't make it too long, because detailed information about you will be there in your enclosed resume. Make sure to highlight some of your significant achievements, qualifications, skills or qualities which make you outstanding and the best choice for the job. You can also provide any additional information here, that cannot be explained in your resume, such as reasons for year gaps.
7. In the fourth paragraph tell them about when you plan to call them to obtain an appointment. Also give a note of thanks for their time and consideration, and express your keenness for a face-to-face meeting with them. End on a positive, enthusiastic note.
8. Close the letter with phrases like "Thanks and regards" or "Yours Sincerely".
Sample Prospecting Letter
James Wilson
1322 River View Apartments
Blacksburg, VA 24060
(540) 555-0101

June 24, 2010

Adam Cantor
Director of Personnel
Goodwin Marketing Corporation
432 Echcomb Parkway
Arlington, VA 22207

Dear Mr. Cantor:
Through extensive research on the web, I have come to know about Goodwin Marketing Corporation, its credentials, financial performance and future growth prospects. I wish to express my interest in working with Goodwin Marketing as a Management Trainee and make a contribution to its growth trajectory.

I have completed my bachelor's degree in business administration, with a major in marketing, from University of Maryland (UMD). My most significant achievement is that I won the Best Speaker Award, 3 years in a row, in the annual Inter-University Debate event at UMD. I have also successfully completed a 6-months internship program in Rockwell Market Research Inc., wherein I got exposure to market research as well as advertising and brand management for existing and new product portfolios.

I believe my knowledge and understanding of advertising and brand management, along-with my inherent creativity and excellent communication skills, will hold me in good stead if I get to play a strategic role in marketing management in your esteemed organization.

Enclosed is my detailed resume. I will greatly appreciate an opportunity to attend an interview through which my candidature can be better assessed. I will give you a call next week to confirm the same. Thanks for your time and consideration.

Yours Sincerely,

James Wilson

Encl: Resume

This is just one sample prospecting letter. A prospecting letter sample can give you a basic idea about the format, but what ultimately matters is the substance of your letter. While writing prospecting letters, remember to be brief and succinct, because no one would have time to read a very long, verbose letter. This is the fundamental rule for letter writing. Also, use your words carefully, don't sound desperate for the job, be original and make sure you highlight your strengths. A well-written prospecting letter might just make that one small difference that will set you apart from the rest.

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How To Figure Out Monthly Interest and Principle

The first thing you need to understand is the amount of interest you will pay each month will change. Mortgages are amortized loans and in an amortized loan you pay more interest during the first half of your loan then you will pay during the second half of your loan. Each month in an amortized loan you pay less in interest and more in principle.

Figuring out how much interest you pay in a month is simple. Let's say you borrowed 0,000 with an annual interest rate of %5 over 30 years and your first payment is due on January 1st.

The first step in figuring out how much you will pay in interest is to figure out the yearly interest. To do this you take the principle (100,000) and multiply it by the annual interest rate (%5.) So 100,000 x .05 = 5,000. This means your yearly interest is ,000.

Now that you know the yearly interest you can figure out the monthly interests by dividing the yearly interest by the number of months in the year or by 12. So ,000 divided by 12 equals 7. 7 is the amount of interest you will pay in January.

To figure out how much of your payment will go to bringing down your principle. You take your monthly mortgage payment and subtract your interest payment. In an amortized loan of 0,000 at %5 over 30 years the monthly mortgage payment is 6. So 6 subtracted by 7 equals 9. 9 is the amount of money that will go towards the principle of the loan.

To figure out your next month's interest and principle payment you go through the same process except you use your new principle balance. The new principle balance is the last month's principle minus the last month's principle payment. So in our case to figure out the new principle you take 0,000 and subtract 9 giving you the amount of 881.

This can look scary but as you look at each payment over the years you will pay more toward your principle then in interest.

While you could sit there and figure out what each month's payment would be it would probably drive you crazy. The best solution is to use a wonderful tool, the amortization or loan calculator. A good loan calculator will figure out your monthly interest and principle payments for you and create an amortization schedule for you.

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Using a VUL Policy in Place of a Roth IRA or Section 529 Plan

How does a variable universal life (VUL) insurance policy stack up as an alternative to a Roth IRA (for retirement planning) or a Section 529 Plan (for college tuition planning)? Using a VUL policy in lieu of a Roth IRA or a Section 529 Plan will probably not make sense if funding for retirement or college is the only objective. However, a VUL policy may make great sense where funding for retirement, college, or both, is desirable and there is also a need for life insurance. This article will explore the advantages and disadvantages of a VUL policy compared to Roth IRAs and Section 529 Plans.

VUL Basics

VUL insurance is permanent insurance that provides a death benefit with the ability to build cash value. With VUL, the policy owner chooses which professionally-managed funds to invest the premiums (net of the cost of insurance and policy/administrative fees). These funds also charge administrative fees.

The policy is called "variable" because its account values will vary according to the performance of the funds chosen. It is called "universal" because the policy owner can set the premium amount and payment schedule provided they are sufficient to support the death benefit and sustain the policy. A VUL policy can cover a single life or joint lives (i.e., a survivorship policy). A VUL policy is an ideal product for someone who needs death benefit protection (i.e., to replace income, to provide liquidity to pay estate taxes, or simply to create an estate) and is also looking to supplement retirement income or to save for educational expenses.

Assuming the VUL policy is not a Modified Endowment Contract (i.e., a policy that fails to meet the tests of IRC Section 7702A, which are designed to prevent the over-funding of policies), loans are free from current income taxation and withdrawals are income taxed only to the extent that they exceed the owner's basis in the policy. But, for policies issued after 1984, a withdrawal taken within 15 years of policy issuance that reduces policy benefits is subject to income tax under IRC Section 7702(f)(7)(B). After 15 years, there is no immediate income tax. The 15-year rule does not apply to policy loans.

Thus, similar to a Roth IRA or a Section 529 plan, the account values in a VUL policy may be accessed without income taxes. However, policy loans and withdrawals may impact investment performance, death benefits, no-lapse guarantees and the tax impact upon the lapse of a policy. Moreover, unlike non-variable policies, the insurance company does not guarantee the account values of a VUL insurance policy. Since the policy values may vary either upward or downward based on the performance of the investment funds selected, a VUL policy presents a risk to the death benefit.

VUL vs Roth IRA

Both Roth IRAs and VUL policies offer the owner a choice of investment options and, for both products, the contributions/premiums are not tax deductible. With a Roth IRA, the interest or earnings on the account values are income tax free, while the interest or earnings with a VUL policy are income tax deferred. Withdrawals from Roth IRAs are income tax free if the account owner is at least age 59 or older. As discussed above, with a VUL policy, withdrawals up to basis are not taxable; and policy loans are not taxable, provided the policy remains in force until the insured dies. With both products, death benefits are income tax free to the beneficiaries, provided the Roth IRA has been open for at least five years.

The Cost of a Business Bankruptcy Attorney

The law on bankruptcy intends to help debtors settle their obligations to their creditors by either managing or liquidating the business. When a firm files for bankruptcy, the court assists them in paying their debts. Hence, during a bankruptcy procedure, all the financial activities of the debtor are under scrutiny by the court. The debts can be paid either by straight liquidation of the firm's assets or a plan for reorganization to enable the firm to keep on operating while the debts are being paid.

The hourly rate for bankruptcy lawyers varies from 0 to 0 an hour. Some lawyers will ask for an advance payment depending on their estimate of how long it will take them to study the case. Others will settle for staggered payments. An attorney could charge from ,000 to ,000 for liquidation bankruptcy but could go as high as ,500 to ,000 for more complicated business liquidations.

An attorney may charge for a reorganization bankruptcy from ,000 to ,000 but this will depend in which state the lawyer practices. In some states, the charge is higher while in others the charge is lower. The charge will also depend on the size of the business, for instance the lawyer may need a more detailed study before coming up with a definite recommendation. For a small business, this could be from ,000 to ,000, for a medium-sized company ,000 to 0,000, and 0,000 to 0,000 for a large business.

The bankruptcy court filing fee is 9 for bankruptcy liquidation and ,039 for bankruptcy reorganization, which will vary from state to state. Depending on the circumstances, the fees can be paid in installments or can be waived altogether for indigent plaintiffs.

Bankruptcy cases are filed in federal courts and not in any state court. The proceedings in court usually take four to six months, but this is only a rough estimate. Cases that are more complicated may take longer and simpler cases may conclude earlier.

Bankruptcy proceedings are an extremely complicated process because all the assets and monies of the debtors have to be closely scrutinized and analyzed. Creditors like bankruptcy proceedings because the negotiations are open and official. That is why a bankruptcy law helps both the debtors and the creditors in settling their obligations. Creditors are willing to compromise on a debt as long as there is hope that the debt would be repaid.

Whether the initial consultation is free or not depends on the lawyer. Some lawyers are fond of giving free advice and others are not. The lawyer will analyze any documents and advise clients on the available options.

It is always important to know the experience and training of a bankruptcy attorney before hiring one. Banks and CPAs may be good sources of information on suitable bankruptcy lawyers, and you can even ask other attorneys for referrals. The American Board of Certification maintains a list of lawyers who specialize in your area. This list of attorneys contains lawyers who specialize in business bankruptcy law, consumer bankruptcy and creditors' rights law, all sorted according to location for easy reference.

Your attorney should be able to provide you with a written fee agreement so that you know what you are paying for. This fee agreement should be determined during the negotiation process and should be included in any general agreements with the lawyer. Lawyers should explain the meaning of the various fees clearly, before providing you with their services.

The Bankruptcy Attorney will definitely help those people if they have filed for bankruptcy so that, the common people do not get over burdened with the debt which will be impossible for them to pay back.Click here for Bankruptcy Attorney.

If you are looking for the best person to advise you on business liquidity issues and insolvency, the best person to do so is a business bankruptcy attorney.Visit for more details.

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Citibank's Citi Simplicity Card: Now You Can Avoid Late Fees

Citibank recently launched a new credit card that takes away an important sting felt by many consumers: late fees. In an unusual move, the bank is now offering consumers permanent forgiveness for late payments and will no longer assess the customary late fee when a payment arrives after the due date. While the offer sounds great on surface, if you dig a little deeper you will soon learn that there are some things about the new Citi Simplicity card that can cost you more money in the long run. Let's take a closer look at what this credit card issuer is really offering with its new card.

The Problem

Consumer advocates have long cried foul when it has come to credit card late fees and penalties. Not only would you be assessed a one time late fee ranging from to if your payment arrived late, but your interest rate could be permanently increased to the default rate, typically as high as 29% annually. This double whammy further made it difficult for you, the credit card holder, to ever pay down debt.

Citibank's Solution

In a bold marketing move, Citibank one of the largest issuers of credit cards in the world came up with its Citi Simplicity card in response to criticism levied by consumer advocates at the industry and at the bank personally. The new card, with no annual fee and no late fees, is designed for card holders who have been bitten by the late fee bug. No longer will you, as a card holder, have to worry if the check you sent off just before the payment due date arrived on time. With the Citi Simplicity card, a late arriving payment will be credited and no late fee assessed.

Taking a Closer Look

Within Citibank's offer are a few things that you should understand before you make the switch:

1. A late fee will not be charged to your account, but your interest rate may surge to the default rate. The default rate, in this case, can be as high as 29%! That's bad news for you especially if you had a fixed low rate previously.

2. You could also get a false sense of security by incorrectly believing that paying late regularly doesn't harm you in some other ways. For instance, consistently forwarded late payments can become part of your credit report, thereby negatively affecting your ability to purchase a car or a home down the road at a favorable interest rate. Important to note, a higher interest rate can add thousands of dollars to the purchase of a new home.

3. Finally, Citibank will waive the late fee only if you promise to continue to use the card. This is bad news for you especially if you are trying to reduce your balance each month without having to purchase something new, which simply adds to your balance.

In all, the Citi Simplicity card has much more to it than what meets the eye. For some people, the new card is a welcome change especially if you are one who pays off his balance in full each month. If you aren't, the Citi Simplicity card may cost you much more in the long run. Should you fall into this second category, it would be better for you to keep your existing card or shop for a new card with other features and more favorable requirements.

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Top Ontario Personal Injury Lawyers - Injury Lawyers Help in Receiving Appropriate Claims

A well qualified injury lawyer will help you if an injury occurs at any time in the life. An accident lawyer knows and protect the privileges of persons who were in a bad collision. Engaging a professional lawyer has numerous incentives; they guide their customers and realize their emotional and financial loss. Making claims and recuperating damages is a crucial piece of such an accident. A suitably studied litigation might pay for lost past and future paycheck, medical expenses, property loss, mental tension as well as other variables from the accountable person.

A physical injury can happen because of some of the following reasons, the reason may be whatever still you are qualified to receive a compensation. Motor vehicle accidents, Slip and fall injuries, brain injury, medical negligence etc. The net has presented many avenues for us, a single search and you can find an ideal option instantly. You can examine their consumer testimonies, their reputation to confirm their dependability. The claim is valuable and the individual who's hurt is in no position to make the right option. The moment you're injured somehow, your best bet is to consult a specialist lawyer and assess what choices are available to you.

There appears to be an apparent growth in the percentage of accidents, the number of motor vehicles on the road make it likely for accidents. The injury and its impact on your physique is often excruciating. Sad to say, in cases where there are deep wounds to the body the victim is in agony for a longer time-frame. Whenever you are injured, you must properly understand your legal rights and commitments to assure the most effective outcome. A lot of us use an insurance policy which can take care of all the expenditures. When you're insured for accident insurance or health coverage the majority of the expenditures could be retrieved relatively.

There are several insurance companies that grant different kinds of insurance cover. With every passing day and the increased insecurity of life, an individual looks for an optimal protection plans. By choosing a personal injury lawyer, you can secure remuneration, which you want and should have been compensated by the insurance provider. For an unskilled individual, the dilemma of choosing a reliable and staying away from fake ones is irritating. So there are some useful recommendations which will assist you to make a good option.

Apart from that, how much fees will that lawyer demand for his guidance and will that lawyer work on a contingency deal. These are critical things, which may help you to make a smart decision. A professional and qualified personnel will help fight for your claim and preserve your best interest over the whole procedure. These people understand that financial remuneration, benefits and the finest legal and medical attention are essential to you as well as your family. Please note, I am not a lawyer, this is not a legal advice, it's my personal opinion, but for correct legal advice, take a look at gluckstein website instantly.

Sarah is an expert in the field. For more information on Personal Injury Lawyer, and Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Toronto Please visit:

Sarah is an expert in the field. For more information on Personal Injury Lawyer, and Best Personal Injury Lawyers In Toronto. Please visit:

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Commitment Vs.involvement: In An Egg And Ham Sandwich, The Chicken Is Involved, The Pig Is Committed

A recent article in the St. Petersburg Times by Robert Trigaux reminded me of this grand old saying: "Commitment Vs. Involvement: In An Egg and Ham Sandwich, The Chicken Is Involved But the Pig Is Committed." The article was published on Sunday, April 11, 2010 and it went through the cast of characters that were somehow involved with the market crash and recession starting in late 2007. The majority of the article was based on the testimony a lot of these people recently gave in front of the Congressional committee that was investigating the causes of the economic crash.

A few things struck me as I read the article and looked at the pictures of those listed as involved in the crash. The first thing I noticed, and the most obvious, was that all of these people mentioned in the article were involved in the crisis (the chickens) but none of them want to stand up and commit (The pigs) that their actions or inactions were contributing factors to the disaster:

1) Alan Greenspan, former head of the Federal Reserve Board, did not take responsibility for the crash even though many people think that under his leadership, the Fed kept interest rates way too low for way too long. During the hearings, Greenspan stated that he was right 70% of the time in his Fed decisions. While 70% might be good for an NFL quarterback for a pass completion record, 70% is not good enough when the economic well being of the nation's citizens are on the line.
2) George W. Bush has not taken responsibility for the crash even the seeds of destruction were sowed and allowed to grow during his administration.
3) Barney Frank has not taken responsibility for the crash even though he was the House committee chairman that oversaw the housing market, he did not see the biggest economic crash coming since the Great Depression until it hit him in the face.
4) Chris Dodd has not taken responsibility for the crash even though he was the Senate committee chairman that oversaw the housing market, he did not see the biggest economic crash coming since the Great Depression until it hit him in the face.
5) Henry Paulson has not taken responsibility for the crash even though as Treasury secretary he also did not see the biggest economic crash coming since the Great Depression and when it did hit, he reacted slowly with no apparent strategy for determining which Wall Street firms were to live and which were to die.
6) Bill Clinton has not taken responsibility for the crash even though as President he signed laws that separated commercial banking from investment banking, creating the behavior that led to the crash along with legislation that exempted the dangerous derivative financial products from regulation.
7) Christopher Cox has not taken responsibility for the crash even though as former head of the Securities and Exchange Commission his organization watched on the sidelines as the banking system almost collapsed completely due to shady and risky financial dealings.
8) Richard Fuld has not taken responsibility for the crash even though as CEO of defunct Lehman Brothers Fuld allowed his company get so deeply into risky subprime instruments that its demise was the biggest bankruptcy in U.S. history.
9) Raymond McDaniel has not taken responsibility for the crash even though his company, Moody's, incorrectly or falsely rated the subprime financial instruments as financially sound.
10) Angelo Mozilo has not taken responsibility for the crash even though as CEO of Countrywide Mortgage his company apparently never met a mortgage customer, no matter how uncreditworthy, that his company would not accept.
11) Franklin Raines has not taken responsibility for the crash even though as head of Fannie Mae his big investments in subprime mortgage securities led to a massive taxpayer bailout.
12) David Lereah has not taken responsibility for the crash even though as a former economist of the National Association of Realtors, he never saw the housing collapse coming and his book, "Why The Real Estate Boom Will Not Bust" was published just as the real estate boom went bust.
13) Robert Rubin has not taken responsibility for the crash even though as Citigroup Chairman he claimed he was ignorant of the risks that nearly destroyed one of the biggest banks in the world, indicating he was either a very lousy executive by not knowing how much at risk his company was at or a very lazy executive who never took the time to understand how much at risk his company was at.
14) Charles Prince has not taken responsibility for the crash even though as Citigroup CEO he was just as lousy or lazy as Rubin.
15) The Democrats in Congress have not taken responsibility for the crash even though they ran all of the Congressional committees responsible for the overseeing the housing and banking sectors of the economy and consistently rejected dozens of calls by the Bush administration to put stronger oversight onto Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. They also rejected a request from John McCain in 2005 to rein in the dangerous lending and security practices of Fannie and Freddie. One reason for this resistance was that these two quasi-government organizations were large campaign contributors to Democratic Senators Dodd, Obama, and Kerry.

So all of these important people were involved (the chickens) in the financial disaster but none of them have committed (the pigs) to taking responsibility for the results, it wasn't their fault. If it was not their fault, then whose fault was it? This was obviously a big deal since the stock markets suffered extensive setbacks, unemployment is nowhere close to recovering, the Federal deficit has skyrocketed in part due to the large bank bailouts, and the housing market is still in the dump. But no one is responsible. In the above list, no one went to jail, no one paid a large fine, no one went bankrupt, many did not lose their jobs, and no one has an answer of why it went so wrong and why no one in a position to acted to avert or at least mitigate the outcome.

Thus, the first conclusion I draw is that this is just another instance of where the government and the people that are currently running it are not effective and the programs they are responsible for do not work. We need to do a ground up housecleaning of the people/politicians and the processes that are no longer effective in running this country.

The second conclusion I draw from he article is a little more subtle. As I look at the politicians running the hearings looking into the the causes for the economic crisis and include the list of people from above, I see that almost all of them are older white males. There are no females involved, very few younger people involved, and Franklin Raines is the only African-American who is prominent in the discussion of fault.

Could it be that this group of politicians and business leaders are not diverse enough to see a crisis developing or are too cozy with each other to want to do anything to avert these kinds of disasters? This brings us to Step 45 in "Love My Country, Loathe My Government," a step we have not talked about often in this blog. This step would require the political class to obey and heed all laws in effect that work to guarantee equal opportunity relative to race and sex. Maybe if we had a little more diversity, fresh blood, and fresh ideas involved in the process of running the country we might get some better results. Heaven knows that the current club of people running the country, both in and out of government, may be stuck in a group think mode, making them incapable of foreseeing the future disasters. Said another way, we need more committed pigs and less involved chickens running the country.

Real Estate: 3 Little-known Facts

For those who don't make a living at the game, selling and buying real estate can be a mysterious and confusing process. Even if you're looking to do no more than make a single transaction (which is the case for 90% of the population), it often seems as though little more than the same information gets repeated again and again. And at the end of the day, your house is still out there on the market, being passed over while you think about lowering the price once more time. It doesn't have to be that way. By availing yourself of some of the lesser-known facts about the market, you can sell your house more efficiently, put more money in your pocket, and avoid wasting time and money on things that don't matter. Here are three little known facts about selling your home.

Agent Fees Are Negotiable

If you've been talking to real estate agents, you've probably gotten the impression that their commission fees are non-negotiable. Certainly, they may be in some cases, but more often than not there is some room for compromise. Unless you're trying to sell your house in a booming market (in which case you may have little need for an agent to begin with), the agents in your community are hurting for clients. There is almost always more competition than there are houses. In this situation, people who depend on sales for their living will have little choice but to accept lesser terms for a guaranteed payday. This works better with smaller agencies than with the larger ones.

Home Inspections Vary

Whether you want a home inspection on a house you're thinking of buying or you want one for the house you're trying to sell, keep in mind that it may not be as comprehensive as you believe. A home inspector is trained to come in, do a visual inspection, and that's about it. They aren't going to pull up the carpets, get in behind the walls, climb on the roof, or do many of the things you might have imagined. It's worth having done, but don't expect it to catch everything.

Open Houses Are Overrated

The open house is a common strategy used by real estate agents, but it is becoming less relevant in an age where buyers do a lot of their house shopping online. Additionally, there may be security issues involved in letting just anyone come in and "case the joint", so to speak. If you can sell your house without one, it may be worth considering.

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Unsecured Loans

It is true that many people today fancy to live a risk free life devoid of any complication. They waver to put any of their valuable property at risk since they will obscure a huge loss if they do not pay back the entire money amount.

It is easy to borrow money against assets or collateral that we own, but in today's world, people are no longer enthusiastic to risk their homes when they take a loan. Hence, unsecured loans are brought into the portrait as it is the most practical option of availing any sort of backing.

The various features of unsecured loans are as follows:

They have no trouble of risk the property of the borrowers.

Hence, the lenders will certainly charge a high rate of interest so that the lenders do not experience at the end of the day. They need some promise against the cash amount.

The amount of cash which is granted ranges from 1000 to 25000.

The amount under any situation has to be repaid before the time span of 10 years but shouldn't fall below a year.

If you have a bad credit history or a superior one, it does not matter, since no credit checks choose whether you are a fit candidate to avail the loan sum.

There is a fixed rate of interest as well as a permanent period of time in which the loan has to be remunerated back. Once you have found out the best deal for you and chosen the loan that you yearning to take, you are able to spend the currency however you wish.

Since, these loans can supervise without the requirement of any collateral; lenders would want to build sure that the borrowers who opt for unsecured loans have the capability to repay the individual cash amount.

The eligibility criteria:

The candidate should be a proud citizen of UK.

He/she has to be above the age of 18 years since that is the legal age to avail a loan.

Having a valid bank account for the cash to be deposited is an obligation.

You have to be a permanent employee receiving a steady pay.

How to Find the Right Personal Loan Lender

Taking out a personal loan is not bad. Taking out payday loan is not bad, either. It is taking the wrong loan from the wrong lender that can turn out bad. The good news here is that once you find a good lender willing to extend this type of short term loan, you will never again have to go out searching. When you need fast money and are sure of your ability to repay the loan, you will know exactly where to turn. Following are some simple guidelines on finding the right lender for your loans.

Ask for Recommendations

Part of the allure of a payday loan is that it does not have to become news with all of your friends and family members. Many people go for this type of personal loan because it does not require a credit check, and because most lenders do not report to the credit agencies at all. This is therefore the most secretive type of loan you will ever find.

Yet, you need recommendations because it is a powerful way to find the most trustworthy personal loan lenders. If you do not have others in your personal life that you would trust to ask for a recommendation, you can go online and get the opinions of other consumers who you may not know in real life. Search for message boards that allow consumers to leave feedback on different loan providers. You will get some idea of who others are trusting, and who they are staying away from.

Read Every Page of the Site

Online payday loan providers are clearly the easiest to work with, since they allow you to fill out an application online and receive money directly into your bank account. It is tempting to just go straight to the application and put in for your payday loan, but that is a mistake. Take the time to read every page on the site. Make sure you feel just as comfortable with them after that as you did when you first found them.

Ask Questions

If you are not sure about the terms of your personal loan, or have questions about how a lender operates, you have to ask those questions prior to filling out an application. There should be a phone number where you can talk to a human being who has all the answers for you. If this is not available, then you may not be dealing with a reputable payday loan provider.

Check with the BBB

Check with the Better Business Bureau to see if other consumers have lodged complaints against the lender you want to work with. If there are a lot of complaints or a personal loan provider is not registered with the BBB, then you might want to turn in another direction for your loan.

It is important to note that many businesses get one or two complaints here and there, yet they are not bad businesses. You are just trying to rule out payday loan services who routinely get a high frequency of complaints from other consumers. If you do not see that, then you have probably found a reasonable business with a valuable service.

Jobs Opportunities In Financial Sector

Skills for the financial sector

Employers recognize that any degree discipline will teach students skills that are vital in the financial sector, and they don't want to miss out on top graduates just because of their degree background. Degrees develop non-technical soft skills': qualities such as clear communication, the ability to analyze information, time management and good organization. Non-cognates often find that their degree subject complements their work in finance. For example, a modern language degree is helpful when talking to international clients; an arts degree is useful when report writing, and a medical background can provide insights when working in the specialist health care market.
Some non-cognates are put off from applying for finance roles because they feel that they will be at a disadvantage compared to their cognate colleagues. If you have some innumeracy, this won't be the case. Training schemes are designed to give all graduates a comprehensive knowledge necessary to do their work, regardless of their degree. Large employers typically provide ongoing training to ensure you're up to scratch.
Some areas of finance will require you to complete a professional qualification. Here again provisions are made for non-cognates, as the professional association will teach you the basics', while exempting cognate graduates from these courses.

Career in Financial Sector

A career in finance or Finance Job involves a whole range of functions, such as determining the impact of decisions that are made in nearly all-functional areas on the financial front. A Finance Job includes administering portfolios and formulating personal financial plans for investors, supervising banking operations, evaluating and suggesting company's capital budgets and strengthening bank relationships.
Finance Jobs generally do not necessarily require a bachelor's degree in commerce or a closely related field. Sometimes it is possible to work your way up in finance career from an entry-level position, but higher positions usually require some further study.

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Five Easy Ways To Get A $10,000 Bad Credit Personal Loan

To most folks with a poor credit history, it seems unlikely that they could manage to land a personal loan of any type, forget about a ,000 loan. But, there are ways to get that much cash, usually without all the tedious paperwork required from traditional lenders.

Way One -- The ,000 Friendly Loan

No credit check is needed for this type of loan. The borrower has no need to present proof of employment. Though it may require some personal adjustment, such as setting aside your ego; your success rate for getting approved is greater than you will experience with a bank or other traditional lender. Even if jobless, friends or family understand the problems you are facing and more willing to lend an ear and a loan. Work out a payment plan, offer interest, write everything down and sign it.

Way Two -- The ,000 Employee Loan

The next way to try is approaching your employer or an employees credit union. Many bosses will make loans because it is in their personal interest to do so. It promotes loyalty. And, there are no worries about where you work or what you are paid. Waiting for the loan to be disbursed should not take long. If your company has an employees credit union, pretty much the same requirements are enjoyed. Also, loan payments can be taken directly from your paycheck.

Way Three -- The ,000 Home Equity Loan

This way is an extremely easy way. With your house as valuable collateral, many lending institutions or loan companies are willing to give you ,000 at very affordable rates, even if your credit is less than stellar.

Way Four -- The ,000 Licensed Lender Loan

For this way, peruse the want ads of your local newspaper, check the yellow pages, or start your search on the Web. These lenders will do required background checks, proving your identity and residency. These lenders operate under different regulations than do banks or other traditional lenders. They also charge rather high interest rates because of the risk involved. Even though the rates may be high, just figure they are a necessary evil to get you the cash you need.

Way Five -- The ,000 Cash Advance Loan

Lenders who make this type of loan will have to do background checks as well before they will grant a ,000 bad credit personal loan. You will also have to provide bank account and employment information, as well as your social security number. You can usually have your cash within a day with these types of loans.

The ,000 Bad Credit Personal Loan Is Doable

By taking the right approach, setting aside your ego, realizing your interest rates are going to be high, you should be able to land a ,000 bad credit personal loan. Just be sure you have the wherewithal to pay the loan or you will be assigning yourself court room time, attorney fees, and even more debt. This is not play money. Be sure the way you have chosen is the best. Be sure to do plenty of shopping around rates vary widely from lender to lender.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

How to Disappear... Alcatraz Style

Those of you who recognize my name know that I am a skip tracer, one who finds people; however, more interesting, I teach people how to disappear. About a year ago, I met up with some famed Hollywood Producers about creating a show about me finding people who have disappeared - titled Missing.

The producers were interested in doing cases where it was possible the missing people maybe alive. Like Whitey Bulger leader of the Winter Hill Gang, DB Cooper skyjacker and bank robber, Lord Lucan British high society and suspected murderer, Moana Pozzi Italian porn star. Out all the cases that were kicked around they were interested in brothers Clarence & JW Anglin the famed escape from Alcatraz, made popular by Clint Eastwood in his portrayal of Frank Lee Morris one of the escapees.

My attitude was negative I figured there is no way the Anglins or Morris made it out the dark waters with their makeshift rafts, boy was I wrong. Therefore, the journey of locating the Anglin brothers begins, I started my search by locating family.

The Anglin name is somewhat of a common southern name, most searches on line brought me to the movie site that linked the movie Escape from Alcatraz. I located an old book written titled Riddle of the Rock by Don Denevi, an interesting book that discusses the escape in detail - unlike the movie that simplified the break out.

The theory is that Bumpy Johnson a notorious Harlem mob boss assisted in the escape by having a boat out in the bay waiting for the escapees. However when I did my research on Bumpy Johnson he had no power left and no money to finance such a feat. In addition, the environment on the rock was hostile, amongst the different ethnic groups, though some believe that the escape plan united the groups and kept it a secret from the guards.

The vital hope amongst the prisoners was that if the escapees made it out alive, they perhaps would shine light on the horrible conditions in Alcatraz. The big house was filled with small cells, no exercise and high carbohydrate diets to keep the inmates lazy although the Warden allowed painting on canvas.

After days of spinning my skip tracing wheels, I was unsuccessful in locating any of the Anglin family members. Sometimes when one skip traces the simple things are forgotten. I finally hit and start posting that I am a writer searching for Anglin family members. A few days later, I get an email from a woman who knows the oldest brother and patriarch of the family. I will refer to him as Man a family nickname.

I dial Man's cell phone number and an easy southern voice answers. I tell him my story that I am working with some producers who want to do a TV show about his brothers. Of course, I leave out the part that we are looking to capture them. Man agrees to meet me at a nearby Arby's restaurant the following day.

The next day I arrive at the Arby's restaurant about forty minutes early, checking out the scene. I wasn't sure what to expect from Man or other family members. When you're a skip tracer being paranoid at times is your best tool. The paranoia can keep you one-step ahead. After assessing that, all was cool I walk in a sit down, shortly after walks in the kindest looking person I ever met, Man brother to JW and Clarence.

As Man was sitting down, he asked if I was going to make him rich and famous, I laughed. Although Man was not joking, he told me how the media pretty much used him and spit him out. He told me everyone else made money off his brother's infamy but the Anglin family never received a dime from books, TV shows and movies made. My answer was simple, how bout we start with a cup of coffee I am buying. Man smiled, he preferred bottle water.

I wanted to know about the brothers, how they found themselves in a place like Alcatraz. Clarence and JW robbed a bank in Alabama, what most people do not realize is a third brother was with them and the supposed ringleader Alfred Anglin. Man told me that Alfred was always in trouble and prior to the bank robbery in Alabama Alfred was on the lamb for several years living in the middle of Florida working a farm picking fruit and vegetables.

While hiding out in Florida Alfred fell in love with a sixteen-year-old beauty named Jeanette. Like Romeo and Juliet it was a forbidden love, the couple crossed the state line and married.

Not far from the Arby's restaurant is a small graveyard with Alfred's headstone and an old photo of Alfred and Jeanette announcing their marriage for all to see, quite brazen for a man on the run. That was just the way Alfred was, he feared nothing and wanted to give his new bride more in life so he devised a plan.

While Alfred was picking fruit under the hot Florida sun, Clarence was working a road gang somewhere around Ft. Meyers. Turns out Clarence's mother Rachel and another of her sons' went to visit Clarence in the jail. Clarence told them not to come next week that he would be visiting them at home. The mother and brother shrugged it off to Clarence's usual banter.

The following week, Clarence true to his word escaped the road gang with two other prisoners. Clarence was barefoot and made his way up the Gulf Coast, wading and swimming for more than sixty miles.

Man told me that Clarence and JW were thick as thieves and since childhood, they had a unique way of communicating between each other, secret destination to meet up at, phone calls with certain amount of hang-ups determined locations. JW received such a message and met up with Clarence when he escaped the Florida road gang and took him to stay with Alfred on the farm. Farm life was no life for Clarence, he had a tough edge to him and preferred easy money for the day as opposed to a weekly paycheck also picking fruit never paid that much.

The plan, Man told me that originally, Clarence and Alfred were going to rob the bank in Alabama, and originally JW wanted no part of the crime. JW was a ladies man, sharp dressed and loved fast cars. A fast car was needed for the bank robbery, JW refused to lend his car and eventually decided that he would go along and drive the getaway car. What the brothers did not know was Alabama supposedly still had the death penalty for bank robbery.

My meetings with Man became weekly, more like a Tuesday with Morrie but in an Arby's sipping bad coffee and him the usual water. Man was always cautious about how he answered my questions; in his late seventies, he was sharp. One time he was bold and told me he had to watch what he said, he didn't want to get in any type of trouble. Not sure, what he meant I pushed on, but his big southern smile always brought the conversation to another topic.

In another meeting with Man, he implied that I might be a US Marshal trying to capture his brothers and wanted to know if I was wired. I told him I was not, he asked me to take off my shirt and prove it to him. That afternoon in the Arby's I stood and took off my shirt as the patrons looked at me as if I was crazy. Man, pulled out a business card of a US Marshal, forty years after the escape the US Marshals actually approached Man and asked him to take a polygraph test. They picked him up from his small lot where several trailers housed Man and a few siblings. The Marshal drove him to an office asked him thirteen questions, drove him back home and never discussed the results of the test.

The bank robbery, JW drives his brother up to the bank door. Clarence and Alfred enter the bank a toy gun is used a woman near faints. The two brothers stop the robbery and give her a glass of water - about 19k is stolen. Eventually the brothers are apprehended in Ohio. Less than 600 were spent from the loot. All three brothers were found guilty. Alfred was sent back to Atlanta since he owed the state time for his prior escape. JW and Clarence went to Leavenworth and eventually Alcatraz because of a foiled escape.

Fast forward Alcatraz June 11, 1962 Allen West the mastermind behind the Alcatraz escape is unable to exit his cell, JW, Clarence and Frank Lee Morris escape into the dark waters supposedly never to be seen again.

After the escape, Man told me that he was visiting Alfred in the penitentiary and in the prison bathroom Alfred said he received a message from Clarence and that he knew where the brothers were holed up and he was going to break out and meet up with the pair. Alfred true to his words attempted to escape prison only to be killed by electrocution.
Long after the Alcatraz, escape there have been several sightings and assumed correspondence from JW and Clarence. The smoking gun by Hollywood standards would be a postcard that arrived one day from Brazil, written in Clarence's writing. Every year on the mother's birthday, she received two dozen red roses with unsigned cards. The roses stop upon her death.

At times Man would open up and bring me closer to a world he shared with no one, not even his own siblings. They joke about if anyone knew the whereabouts, Man would know. I asked to see the postcard from Brazil, however, a week later Man told me the card is gone no one can find it. I offered him twenty thousand dollars just to look at the mysterious correspondence. Man smiled and again in that polite southern voice - it was misplaced.

Some years ago, Unsolved Mysteries did a segment about the Anglin brothers; I had the good fortune of meeting the Director of that segment who was now one of the producers I was working with. We flew together to meet up with the US Marshal that worked the tips from Unsolved Mysteries.

1. A woman called in claiming to have met Clarence Anglin after the escape at a barbecue. She claimed he was with a teen girl named Rachel, strangely enough that was the name of the Anglins mothers. The woman claimed that she also visited the home of Clarence in Georgia and mentioned particular features about Clarence that only would have been recognized in person.

2. In the same area of Georgia, a bank was robbed and the MO was similar to the Anglin bank robbery in Alabama. What is so interesting is the Georgia bank robbery is in the same town where the Anglins hail from. Mike the producer told me when he was shooting the Unsolved Mysteries segment he had the wanted posters of Clarence and JW faxed to a hotel managers office, the manager remarked that the faces looked like the guy who robbed the bank a few years back in Georgia.

3. The US Marshal met with another woman who claimed she was on her father's ranch in Texas when several men showed up who were assisting a man being smuggled into Mexico. Her father claimed it was one of the Anglin brothers.

4. We learned that only a few years back the US Marshals received a tip that one of the Anglin brothers was in Brazil. The US Marshals went down to Brazil and got a confirmation from a local bartender that one of the brothers was there. Eventually the trail went cold.

Mike and I eventually made our way to meet Man but first stopped in a local diner. We started talking with a few locals, one specifically who knew the family well. He told us what most people do not know is that one of the Anglin siblings was out in California during the escape and not far from the rock - information not in the FBI file.

The FBI file is an interesting piece of work, the attitude is summed up that most likely the trio drowned in the bay. Across the bay was a community of people known as the colony, these were family members of inmates locked up in Alcatraz. There is no record of the FBI ever speaking to members of the colony.

We picked Man up and he gave us a grand tour of where the Anglins grew up, from back woods swimming holes, to back roads where JW raced his Thunderbird. Man told stories of JW being a ladies man, dressing like a fancy preacher, Clarence being tough as nail and Alfred, well Alfred was just destined for trouble. Mike and I were hoping to get that smoking gun it never came.

Either way Hollywood passed on my show titled Missing, to them there was no smoking gun. The secret of Clarence and JW still hide behind the kind smile of a gentle man named Man. Through my search, I learned of things that are best left unsaid, things that imply or point to the strong possibilities of life after Alcatraz for JW and Clarence.

To me it was a great experience to dive so deep in the world of such a mystery - that will never be solved or at least not yet! That was the last time I saw Man and that's how you disappear Alcatraz style.

Frank M. Ahearn

10 Ways To Grow Or Expand Your Business

In these tough economic times, it is more important to look at different ways in which you can grow business wisely. This can be done in a variety of different ways. In growing your business effectively, it will be important to look at several different aspects of your existing business. Are you financially sound to take on this new project? Have you sought out the perfect location? Do you have a plan of action in place? All of these questions are integral in assuring that your business will be a success. Let's go into a little bit more detail on the ten best ways to grow your business.

The first step is to know your market. If you are looking at growing your business and possibly adding other locations, it will be important to know who you are catering to. Make sure that the products or services that you are offering will be adequate for the needs of the consumer.

Second is to know what your financial availability is. Often, the business owner may have the right intentions, but it may not be feasible for the moment to grow or expand the current business. There is the possibility that waiting and planning will actually be in your best interests.

Third, you will need to make sure that your employee needs are covered. Can the existing staff accommodate an increase in work? Will you need to hire more staff? Have you trained the existing staff to take leadership roles if need be? These are all answers in which only you can provide.

Fourth is to know whether your location will suffice for the growth. Will you need to add a location? Would it be better to buy or lease a larger location or should you add on to the existing location?

The fifth best way to grow or expand your business is to make sure that your support staff is in place. You will need people who are organised and professional in order to build the base on which you can make your business a success.

Sixthly, you need to keep up to date with all your financial obligations and ensure that they are all being dealt with and upheld in a professional and timely manner.

The seventh item would be to look at your procedures and if need be create a new organizational structure. This can be done through joint ventures, mergers, and acquisitions which can help grow and diversify your business. Eighth

The eighth way to improve your business is to analyze all aspects of your business, products, suppliers, clients, areas, etc. Try to phase out any areas that are not making a profit and incorporate more of the successful areas into your business.

Ninth is to look at the value of your company as a whole and try to increase its market share and diversify your client base and increase in areas that have been previously unexplored.

And last but certainly not the least is your time! Do you have the time that it is going to take to make this happen? Often, during the expansion of business, the owner will find themselves devoting just as much or more time to the growth process.

What are logbook loans?

A consumer who is strapped for cash could make a logbook loan using their vehicle as collateral for the money received in the loan. Logbook loans are loans made on a clear logbook from a car. There are a few criteria regarding the ability to secure a logbook loan, but for the most part, these are loans for people who do not want a credit check and need cash quickly.

A logbook loan will be given to a car owner if the logbook is clear. This means that there are no financial obligations attached to the vehicle. Any taxes or insurance owed on the car will need to be paid before a logbook loan can be extended to the owner of the automobile. The vehicle must also be registered under the name of the person requesting the logbook loan; it cannot be someone else's vehicle. And it must remain in the logbook loan recipient's name for the duration of the loan; the vehicle cannot be sold without first satisfying the logbook loan.

A vehicle being offered up for a logbook loan needs to be in good shape and no more than ten years old. To insure that the car is being well cared for and that insurance coverage is held on the car always, the owner must have a MOT certificate on it. Then, every three years, a new MOT inspection will take place to make sure the vehicle is up to the standards of a vehicle on able to drive on the roadways of the UK.

Besides keeping the car in good shape, a vehicle owner needs to pay all the taxes and insurance on their car while it is under a logbook loan. It will need a valid license at all times, along with insurance and the driver will need to cover any road taxes that arise during ownership of the car.

The owner of the vehicle must have a full-time job or a steady stream of income to obtain a logbook loan. This is so that the owner of the car can repay the logbook loan in a timely manor. Since logbook loans do not require a credit check, there is no need to be concerned over bad credit. These loans on the vehicles logbook are specially designed for people with poor credit or downright. It is a way for them to receive quick cash when they need it most.

Before applying for a logbook loan, a car owner needs to make sure they can comfortably pay back the funds through the payment schedule agreed on. If the monthly payments are going to be too much of a burden, then officials warn against going through with a logbook loan. However, if a car owner can fit the logbook loan payments into their budget and are in need of the cash, then this is one best way to obtain it if all the criteria are met and rules are adhered to during the loan period.

For people who need cash now, for emergencies or whatever life has thrown at them, they can obtain the money they need through a logbook loan quickly and conveniently. There are logbook loans online, through financial institutions and banks. Applying for a logbook loan is quick, easy and confidential.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

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Bad Credit Loans For Nurses - An Answer To Your Fiscal Worries

Monetary demands are ever increasing. Therefore, in particular for nurses who face a problem of availing advances because of their poor financial status there is a solution in the form of bad credit loans for nurses. These finances help nurses to satisfy their requirements without any difficulties. Hence, they prove to be an answer to all fiscal worries for nurses.

The amount that can be acquired through this form of credit extends from 200 to 25,000. This range is sufficient since it corresponds to the cost of demands including the purchase of a car or the renovation of a house. At the same time, the applicant must keep in mind that this amount is repaid within 1 to 10 years.

The applicant also benefits as these advances are available in the secured as well as the unsecured form. Thus, the borrower gets the opportunity to make an appeal through anyone of these formats. According to secured advances, the applicant can draw a large amount as compared to unsecured advances due to the pledging of collateral. On the other hand, the applicant is entitled to pay a high interest rate on unsecured loans.

The lender puts forth an eligibility criterion which is to be followed. He must be a UK citizen to apply for this form of cash. At the same time, he must attain 18 years of age or more. He is also required to maintain an active bank account and must work on the basis of a monthly income.

There is an advantage for the applicant to sit in one place and register his application with an online lender without getting out of the house. Therefore, this method of application for a loan is very beneficial as it provides all facilities to the borrower without any processing fees. Thus, it is significant due to its easy availability.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Jobs For People Who Have A Nurturing Disposition

Sometimes it seems that certain people are just cut out for certain jobs. As a customer or patron, you may deal with a professional that leaves you feeling good about your exchange. In other cases, you may come across a person who is a terrible fit for their profession and you find yourself thinking the person chose poorly and their job is not a good fit for their personality. A lot of this depends on how nurturing a person is and whether they have chosen a nurturing profession. If you consider yourself nurturing and you feel rewarded by caring for others, there are a lot of job opportunities available to you. Health care is one of the best professions for caring individuals. Nursing jobs like caregiver jobs and CNA jobs are perfect for those with nurturing personalities. Health care requires that a person not just understand illness and disease, but that they understand human nature and be able to empathize with those experiencing health problems. The best healthcare professionals are nurturing, caring people.

Another option for caring people is to work with the elderly. As we age, many of the skills we once had diminish and we may need help with everything from grocery shopping to home maintenance. There are also times when we just want support and companionship. If you are a nurturing person, you can assist the elderly with their daily needs and work with them to keep them company and help them feel good about their lives in later years. Home care companions and working in an assisted living facility both offer opportunities for working with the elderly population.

Those who love working with children and who have compassionate personalities can work in childcare centers. While the inclination may be to go into teaching if you love working with kids, childcare allows you to have a more social relationship with children. You can work with younger children in childcare. Infants and toddlers truly need nurturing when they are left in a childcare environment most of the day without parents. Caregivers substitute as parents during the workday, a role traditional school teachers only partially play. Childcare teachers must have a willingness to show physical affection to children and if you have a desire to teach and guide, as well as give hugs and bandage skinned knees, working in a childcare center may be the right choice for you.

Customer support is often one of the most under-appreciated fields in business, but the best customer service representatives are nurturing, compassionate people. While it can make you weary listening to the complaints of people all day long, if you can offer a client a comforting experience, it will go a long way in making a good impression on behalf of your company.

Finally, one of the most important fields requiring compassion and a nurturing spirit is counseling. Great counselors possess a combination of knowledge and experience, as well as the desire to care for people. If you have a nurturing personality and personal experience with life's challenges, you may want to consider a career in counseling.