Thursday, May 31, 2012

Car Title Loan: Finance Roof And Home Repairs With A Title Loan

Are you suffering with a leaky roof because you don't have the cash or the credit required to repair it? It can cost a homeowner from hundreds to thousands of dollars to repair and replace a roof or any other major structural defect. But if you have a clear car title, you don't have to suffer interminably. Secured debt instruments such as a title loans can give you the cash you need in times of emergency.

Car title loans are designed for subprime borrowers with a bad credit score. All you need is a clear pink slip and you can get a large sum of cash in a few hours. You can use the title as collateral to get a quick loan for emergency home and roof repairs.

If you have bad credit, you know how hard it is to find a lender who will give you a low-interest loan. For homeowners who need funds for emergency repairs, it can be a blessing because the loan is secured, so interest rates are less than for unsecured debt.

A leaky roof is an emergency for most homeowners. Most roofs require repairs over time and if not take care of, leaks can get worse leading to property damage worth thousands of dollars. Repairing a roof is a large expense for most homeowners and, unless you have a little cash set aside for a rainy day, that cost is going to take a large bite out of your family's budget.

If you're lucky and your roof requires only minor repairs, you won't need more than a few hundred dollars to repair the roof. The cost will depend on the size of your home, materials used, the contractor you hire, and the area you live in. It ranges anywhere from ,000 to ,000 depending on all these factors. If you use materials such as asphalt or shake, the costs can spiral to even ,000.

Roof repair financing options are available for most situations. You can choose the one best suited for your situation from those below:

* Ask your contractor to work out a payment plan. Although some contractors want their money upfront, most will want to keep a client and may be willing to offer you flexible payment terms for your roofing contract.

* Use your credit card. If you haven't maxed out your cards, you can use one of them to fund your roof repairs.

* Get a home equity loan. For homeowners with equity in their home, this may be a good option to finance roof repairs or maintenance.

* Get a personal or home improvement loan. If your credit score is still acceptable, you can approach conventional lenders and banks for funds without having to put up collateral and the interest rates you pay will be much lower.

* Apply for a car title loan. This option is suitable for those who have bad credit, but have auto equity and can therefore provide collateral in order to secure the debt. For borrowers with bad credit, a car title loan can help you get emergency repairs done. This will help you prevent further damage to your home and property without having to approach a bank or loan shark for cash.

As long as you have proof of ownership of your vehicle and possess the documents to show that it is paid off or nearly paid off, lenders will be happy to give you cash against your car title. However, as title loans are given to subprime borrowers, you must be prepared to pay a higher interest rate than with traditional lending sources.

You can borrow up to 50 percent of the car's wholesale value with these instruments. And if you strictly adhere to the terms of the agreement and make your payments on time, it will help you establish a positive payment record and boost your credit score.

Once you reestablish credit and have a good credit score, you can turn to conventional lenders for a loan with lower interest rates. Because subprime borrowers are vulnerable to disreputable lenders, you must be especially careful to read the terms of your title loan agreement carefully.

Beware of lenders who use aggressive selling tactics and make sure that you are not being charged exorbitant interest rates that will trap you further into debt ending up with your vehicle getting repossessed. Look for a lender that offers reasonable interest rates and allows convenient and flexible terms so you can avoid repossession.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bad Credit Special Finance Car Loan - 5 Tips For Getting Funded Faster

If you happen to get extremely lucky, finding the right deal on a car loan sometimes can just sort of come together. It is almost like the Universe were helping you out: you see a commercial or research a great car online, walk into the dealership, make an offer (which they quickly accept), and then, you get a great deal on financing. An hour or two later, you are driving home in your new car with a smile on your face.

However, for most of us, landing a great deal on a car loan is not nearly that easy. The more common story that people tell is haggling with the dealer over the right price for an hour or more. Then, they spend more time negotiating with the financing department to get a good deal on a car. In the end, they leave the dealership without getting the offer they were looking for - or maybe no offer at all.

If the second situation sounds the more familiar of the two, you may have a less-than-perfect credit score. Having a bad credit score makes it harder for anyone to qualify for a car loan. Fortunately, there are ways to get qualified through a bad credit special finance car loan.

If you are looking for a bad credit special finance car loan in order to get the car of your dreams, here are 5 tips for getting funded faster:

1. Understand what bad credit special finance car loans are:

Start your journey to faster funding by learning about what a special finance car loan is. These are loans offered specifically by bad credit auto lenders. They are special because they are designed to work specifically with people in your credit situation.

2. Locate the websites of at least 5 bad credit special finance lenders:

Now that you know what lenders to look for, search for and locate the websites of these special lenders. Look for "bad credit car loans" and similar search terms in order to get your list started.

3. Evaluate each lender and look for the 3 signs of credibility:

Now, go through the website of each lender. What you should be looking for at this point is signs that they are going to be credible lenders. These are: a. they list out what other customers say about them, b. they give you the opportunity to pre-qualify, and c. they have active partnerships with auto dealers.

4. Pull your free credit report and fix any misreported items:

Now, if you are a U.S. citizen, pull your annual free credit reports. You can get one each per year from TransUnion, Equifax and Experian. Go through them like a good detective would, and make notes on anything suspicious or incorrect. If you find anything, get these errors corrected.

5. Follow through with submitting applications to at least 3 lenders:

Now, choose the top 3 most credible looking lenders and apply to all of them. You may get one, two or three offers. You will then be in the position to compare rates. Hint: ask for a pre-approval letter and walk it into the dealership in order to purchase the car of your dreams.

Take these 5 tips for getting a bad credit special finance loan into account in order to get funded faster.

Paying for College With Work-Study Programs

Schools that have a work-study program make it easier for college students to pay for school with minimal help from their parents or through the use of government loans or private loan institutions. Work-study is usually arranged through the student's college so that the individual can earn money while taking classes and earning a degree. It has its advantages and disadvantages. For those using work-study programs in combination with alternative student loans, there is less money to pay off after graduation because less money is borrowed.

Working on campus is filled with opportunities to meet others and make new friends and contacts. It is also a good springboard for both social interaction and future employment.

Work-study students often cannot find work in their majors on campus. Working as a teaching assistant may be an option; however, most students usually wind up working in the library, cafeteria or in administrative offices.

When the campus is closed, students usually get that time off from work. They can visit with family or take a vacation. Students in regular employment during school are often required to work through breaks and vacations to keep their employers happy.

Supervisors are more likely to understand when a worker needs to take time off to study for an exam than an employer not affiliated with the school.

Many positions on campus simply require someone to be a gatekeeper at a checkpoint. While the worker is checking IDs or answering the occasional question at a front desk, there is ample time for studying on the job. This is an easy way to complete homework assignments and brings new meaning to the term "work-study."

Program participants make it possible for the college to have facilities and offices maintained by young adults. It is less expensive than a regular work force and features people who truly care about their school and environment.

Many school-based programs require their participants to keep a minimum standard grade point average. When working, sometimes studying and enjoying college life become a multi-tasking challenge. The students are given gentle reminders to stay on track for academics.

For students hoping to create a higher-paying future for themselves in a field of work they enjoy, college is an important path to take. Finding a way to pay for it has its challenges. Students in the work-study program usually benefit financially from the experience, but they will need a supplemental means of paying for college.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Klcc Property Holdings Planning To List Malaysia's Biggest Reit

Asian REIT Listings Generate Strong Investor Interest

On 1 March Reuters reported that KLCC Property Holdings Bhd (PINK:KPYHF), owner of Kuala Lumpur'slandmarkPetronas Twin Towers, was planning a restructuring, including a listing ofwhat will be Malaysia's biggest real estate investment trust (REIT). The move of KLCC Property Holdings highlights agrowing trend of Asian property trust listings which in recent months hasbeen generating strong interest among investors, particularly in Japan and Singapore.

KLCC Property Holdings Planning Trust Listing

Reuters reported that the trust, which is likely to be listed in April, will be three times bigger than the next largest Malaysian real estate investment trust. The agency quoted an unnamed source as saying that KLCC Property Holdings was looking at a market value of 10 to 11 billion ringgits (2.2 billion to 2.4 billion).

CIMB Investment Bank Bhd is reported to be the principal advisor for the deal, with Citigroup Global Markets Ltd acting as international financial adviser.

As noted by Bloomberg, KLCC Property Holdings is 52.6 percent owned by
Petroliam Nasional Bhd or Petronas, Malaysia's state-owned oil and gas company.

Stapled REIT

The new listed property trust is part of KLCC Property Holding's corporate restructuring which was unveiled in November 2012. The restructuring will create a stapled REIT by bundling existing shares of KLCC Property Holdings and units of KLCC REIT and is also intended to help boost profits on account of the trust's income tax exemption.

Reuters reported that KLCC Property Holdings has assets in excess of 15 billion ringgits, including the Kuala Lumpur's 88-floor Petronas Twin Towers.In November, Bloomberg reported that the two other buildings to be included in the trust would be Menara 3 Petronas and Menara ExxonMobil towers.

Asian Trend

The upcoming listing highlights the growing trend of real estate investment trust IPOs in Asia. In February, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported that Mapletree Investments Pte, a real estate unit of Temasek Holdings Pte, was planning to raise .6 billion (834 million) in Singapore's largest IPO since March 2011.

The REIT market in Japan has also seen some successful IPOs, with the WSJ reporting that the country has benefitted from a recovery in commercial rental and property prices. Among the more notable recent listings was the float of Singapore's Global Logistics Properties Ltd (SGX:MC0) which in December raised .3 billion on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

The Meaning Of Life - Happiness?

Some say that the purpose of life is to seek happiness.

Is happiness the purpose, or is happiness the result of another purpose? Is happiness the meaning of life, or is happiness the result of discovering what has heart and meaning for you?

There is not one right answer to this question. The answer lies within each of us regarding what gives meaning to our life.


Perhaps, in seeking happiness, we discover what has heart and meaning for us. Is this how it is for you? Or is it the other way around for you? Is happiness for you the result of loving yourself and others? Do you find that when you are open and loving, that you feel filled with happiness?

Maybe love and happiness are inseparable. Maybe when we are happy, we are naturally loving, and maybe when we are loving, we experience happiness. If this is the case, then is the purpose of life is to seek happiness, or is the purpose of life to evolve in our ability to be loving and compassionate with ourselves and others?

In my view, it is not important to separate out love and happiness. What is important is to discover what gives your life meaning. In my experience, meaning always has to do with love - with loving yourself and discovering how you want to share your love with others. When you discover this, you will likely be happy.

Perhaps the meaning of life is to discover what has heart and meaning for you and, therefore, brings you happiness. The questions to ask yourself are:

What has heart and meaning for me?
What brings me joy?


Gillian decided early in her life that what had heart and meaning for her was getting married and having children. She had decided that if she did not have children by the time she was 43, that life was not worth living. She started working with me when she was 42, unmarried, childless, and contemplating taking her life.

In the course of her deep inner work, Gillian discovered another source of meaning in her life. She discovered that learning to be loving to herself - to the spark of God that she truly is - was extremely satisfying to her. As she practiced getting to know and love her true Self, she discovered another source of meaning - helping others. She realized that working in finance was not fulfilling to her and went back to school to become a chiropractor.

Gillian currently loves helping people attain excellent health. In addition, she adopted a 10-year old girl whose parents had been killed in an accident. She has found great joy and meaning in loving her adopted daughter.

Gabriel consulted with me because he was depressed. He had become an attorney because that is what his father was, but found that he disliked it. It held no heart and meaning for him. In his soul, Gabriel knew that he was a writer. He decided to "follow his bliss", as Joseph Campbell encouraged us to do. While Gabriel is currently not making nearly the money he made as an attorney, he is finding his happiness. By choosing to love himself and share his love through his creativity, he is finding his joy.

Love, happiness, joy - perhaps they are all One. If you choose to pursue what has heart and meaning to you, you will likely find your joy.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Get Lost Payslips Replaced

Why Are Payslips So Important?

Showing payslips make easy to arrange for finance as it is a proof of a standard income of an employee.

The payslips validate that you are working with a respectable firm or company earning a standard amount of salary. It is very crucial for every employee to keep safe possession of the payslips as losing it can incur serious trouble on the bearer.

These payslips work as a proof of your authenticity when you approach a bank for any kind of financial help like vehicle finances or mortgage loans. As your residential address and other information are mentioned on the payslip, it acts as strong evidence and makes the release of your loan smoother. It also helps you to know the break up of your pay and the deductions of the month concerned.

Also known as the wage slips, and these are given by the employers to the people working under him whenever he pays them. The information mandatory over a wage slip includes:

Employer's name and ABN
Employee's name
Employee's enterprise agreement
Employment period
Amount paid to the employee
Date on which the payment is made
Amount with and without the deduction of tax
Amount deducted as tax
Amount deducted for superannuation of the employee, if any

You can also add further information on your wage slip if you desire so, like the overtime you do, your bonus, the commissions and incentives that you have earned or information related to your pension. This added information on a wage slip is known as payslip extras and can be availed by asking the concerned firm. The payslips have to be duly stamped and signed by the employer otherwise it holds no legal value.

The wage slips can be clubbed under three major categories. They could be payslips on single sheets printed via a Dot Matrix or Laser printers or they could be security payslips that are sealed in security envelopes. These wage slips are similar to pin numbers of Credit or Debit cards send by the bank.

The P60 certificate is the one, which has the entire account of your earnings and the tax payments you make in the financial year. Every employee is entitled to a P60 and must ensure that the employer provides him with the facility. A P60 certificate proves beneficial when you complete your tax return, apply for your tax credits or if you claim back the taxes you have overpaid. It also serves as your income proof, so it is vital to keep your P60 certificate very safely.

Once lost it cannot be reproduced by the employer. Although there are certain online companies that can help you in this regard. These companies are very experienced and make a duplicate P60 for you on the basis of the information you provide them with. They use high technology printers to make the replicated payslips and P60s look like the original ones.

These online companies take every possible care to maintain the authenticity of the document. If you need the payslip or P60 certificate urgently you can request them to send you the document via email or a fax. Understanding the urgency, these companies speed up the process and send you the document within a few hours only.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Financial Amendment in the UK Parliament to Cap Payday loan Lenders

Labour Party Wants to Discuss on Payday Loan Lenders

Low-income people in the Europe seem to have experienced some solace with the latest rules and regulations passed by European Union. Capping money lenders lending authority is the only way that could function to stop the exploitation of low-income groups. Tuesday, 23, April 2012 can be a strong debate in the House of Commons as Stella Creasy, Labour Party Member of Parliament, is most likely to table amendment to financial service bill to have new regulatory act. A financial act that could voice for consumers and thereby set a maximum amount for for charging on credit.

The outcome of debate in the parliament can be most interesting because favouring low-income groups will directly bank votes for Labour party and capping payday loans legally will put payday economies in right stride.

Financial Conduct Authority Will Govern Payday loan lenders

Walthamstow MP, Stella Creasy said, "The Financial Services bill calling for the new financial regulator to be given the power to set a maximum amount lenders can charge for credit, in a move she says will offer greater protection to consumers even if it is never used." The financial bill does not limit in it, the bill will cover several other financial institutions. The issue of banks and its financial regulation will be another important aspect of discussion. The bill will want a continued participation of members of parliament, for the creation of a new body, Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It is most likely to replace Financial Services Authority (FSA). Earlier, the issues regarding consumer credit were dealt by Office of Fair Trading (OFA) and now shall be transferred to Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for governing payday loan lenders.

The FCA will be expected to cap on all payday loans that cross 36,000 % in a view to curb costs on the short term loans. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is the combination of the arrangement fees and the interest attached to payday loan, hence something beneficial should be done.

Additional Functions to FCA, In Order to Rule Payday Loan Lenders

The amendment has been backed by Labour MPs and it will have discussed both perspectives of consumer as well as payday loan lender. FCA will have to have authority to apply sanction to payday loan lenders who are offering credit by passing the FCA rules and regulations. The rule should also define the maximum lending a lender is allowed on a product for particular duration of time to an individual consumer.

In the UK, online companies such as Wonga has taken off and is in making huge businesses, lending cash at a rate up to 4,214% via mobile phones, online. And at the same time, UK high streets payday businesses entertaining Money Shop and Cash Converters have spiraled with an economic downturn. Creasy also argues that mere fine or small punishment will not stop the progress of big lending markets such as Provident, who are making huge businesses something like 162m.

However, the need for personal will continue to persist in times of economic recovery and you will require reliable payday loan lenders for getting short term, small loans. For better understanding of this company, enter to

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Real Estate CRM Goes Social - Propertybase

Cloud computing is providing a new "social" kind of interface for what used to be traditional stand-alone back-office software. For example, by incorporating the new Chatter message feature recently released by force(dotcom), real estate software developer Propertybase has charted new territory for CRM software. Suddenly, collaborating with colleagues or managing a broker's or real estate developer's office is as easy as using Facebook.
Since we are using it as our example, let's look more closely at Propertybase to see how it has changed by incorporating this new social interface technology. Propertybase is the leading real estate CRM software built on the force(dotcom) platform, which was developed by cloud-computing leader Salesforce. This means that Propertybase runs entirely on the web, with none of the cost or infrastructure overhead typically associated with large software installations. It is what they call a "cloud-based" software application.
The typical advantages of a cloud-based application are low start-up cost (there is usually just a monthly subscription fee, rather than a license purchase), stability (since the software runs on massive international servers), and zero IT or maintenance cost, since all IT is handled by the software developer, not the customer.
In some cases, a cloud-based application may require some initial customization for a given customer, in which case a separate fee is arranged for that service. In other cases, the customer can use the application "off the shelf" without and modification or customization.
In the case of Propertybase, the software runs on the force(dotcom) platform developed by cloud-computer leader Salesforce. That platform recently came out with a new feature called Chatter, its attempt to give a more "social" feel to the user experience.
The Chatter feature creates a Facebook-like interface, where all colleagues can see each other's accounts and interact with each other in real time.
For example, say a sales agent wants to arrange an open-house to show a property. She can simply post the announcement as one would in Facebook, and all of her colleagues see it instantly.
The Chatter system also serves as a calendar manager, allowing users to synchronize or coordinate events, plan meetings, and check each others' schedules for availability.
Anyone familiar with using Facebook will find the new Chatter interface very intuitive and familiar. Each user has an account with a photo, organizational information, contact information, and personal details appropriate for a business environment. And each user has a Wall, and can share things with others by posting them on the Wall.
So what does this mean for real estate professionals?
Using the familiar Facebook-style interface, Propertybase users can now:
* Track each other's business activities in real time.
* Follow other users, prospects, or customers
* Get automated reminders of events.
* Set trigger conditions on accounts, and receive alerts if the trigger event happens.
* Communicate broadly or narrowly with public wall postings or private messages.
* Coordinate and schedule events with the built-in shared calendar.
This also means Propertybase users can always be instantly aware of:
* New property listings
* Price changes and updates
* Buyer and Seller Offers
* Property Viewings
* Open Houses
* And other market activities
And just as in Facebook, they can follow their colleagues' chatter about housing prices, market demand, offer status, and property availability in real time.
Propertybase can also push this information to its users mobile devices such as the iPhone or Blackberry, so that they are always in touch and always the first to know about new developments.
This is just one illustration of how the evolving field of cloud computing is opening up new territory and allowing software developers to create ever-more-social user experiences.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Commercial Real Estate: An Ideal And Limitless Investment Idea

When it comes to the best investment ideas, the commercial real estate can count for a great idea and especially if you have enough money to invest. The venture normally comes with numerous benefits which every investor will find ideal and worth considering. The commercial real estate idea is ideal in that it goes beyond the residential and single family properties and the demand is always on the rise no matter where the property is situated. With many people looking for office space and apartment buildings, the idea has been found to be lucrative and always rewarding for many investors.

One of the greatest benefits of the commercial real estate idea is that it provides you with a number of options and enhanced range on your ventures not to mention that it also comes with an enhanced possibility of great returns. It is however important to look at this kind of an investment as a major task that will definitely require a huge chunk of money and therefore do your calculations well for the realization of the desired results. There are many benefits that every commercial real estate investor will be able to enjoy and these always make the investment a worth risk to take.

Benefits of commercial real estate investment

* One of the most notable benefits of investing in the commercial real estate is in the lucrative rental rates that are associated with the venture. This is especially the case when the building is located in an area where there is high rate of business. It is therefore easy to enjoy huge monthly returns and especially if you are in an area where the construction of such a building in regulated by the law or the land.

Unlike the other types of real estate investments, the commercial real estate normally involves space measurements that are done in square foot and the price for this is normally high. Commercial space all over the world and especially in the up market places is normally rented at a rate of more than USD per square foot. This therefore translates into a huge amount of money at the end of the day.

* In many areas, the commercial real estate also benefit the investors in that they come with prolonged lease agreements which allows for continuous occupancy. Unlike their residential counterparts which might not work the same way, the commercial units have an assured cash flow every month for the number of years under which the agreement is made.

Due to the fact that many tenants would want to establish a continuous link with their clients without destabilizing their businesses, the long agreements normally work to the benefit of the investors.

* Additionally, commercial real estate is always on demand and especially if they are strategically situated. Hardly will you here of an unoccupied space especially in the busy streets of any given area. The benefits associated with the commercial real estate can be broken down into various categories but there is no doubting that this is one of the best avenues for any serious investor.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Real Estate Hout Bay - Sound Investment?

Real Estate Hout Bay - Is Hout Bay a Good Investment?

Hout Bay is a small coastal village at the bottom end of the Atlantic Seaboard in Cape Town. It is the most reasonably priced of all the Atlantic Seaboard suburbs but could easily have been the most expensive.

Land is becoming scarce in Hout Bay and real estate is escalating in value all the time. In fact Hout Bay has seen a 23% growth in value over the last couple of recession years, this in sharp contrast to the rest of the world's plummeting property values.

Hout Bay has a very vibrant community and it is ideal for the person seeking a little bit of exclusive country living close to a major metro pole, in this case one of the most sought after, namely Cape Town.

Hout Bay has an active equestrian community and offers world class schooling public and private. There are good medical facilities and more advance centers are within easy traveling distance.

There is regular public transport that connects Hout Bay with the city of Cape Town and the surrounding mountains and beaches are some of the most scenic in Cape Town. Hout Bay has a working harbor from where a fair amount of commercial and sport fishing is done.

Add to it a number of fine restaurants and the necessary supermarkets and shops; you have a fantastic lifestyle packaged in breath taking surroundings.

Hout Bay is a popular tourist destination with attractions such as the world famous World of Birds and the Fisherman's Warf fish and chips restaurant right on the harbor.

An investment in Hout Bay carries with it the benefit of a relaxed lifestyle, may it be a family home or a holiday villa, we are sure to satisfy you most luxurious accommodation and lifestyle fantasies.

Last of all and probably the most important, Hout Bay offers warm friends and jubilant smiles to all who chooses to embrace it.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Planning Turns Millionaires to Billionaires

As a child, you probably looked at money without realizing its actual value. A dollar was just a green sheet of paper that you can trade for toys or candy. didn't have much of a difference. But years passed and as an adult, you realize that money is more complicated than a green sheet of paper.

What is financial planning?

Financial planning is the process of managing your finances wisely over a long period of time to achieve personal or business goals. Financial planning is not as simple as it sounds and is composed of several steps starting with establishment of goals until the continuous monitoring of implemented plans. Having a financial plan will keep you on track with your finances. There will be fewer risks of you losing money due to poor investments and you would have a higher probability of nurturing your financial status.

When do you need assistance in financial planning?

Some businessmen with economics and accounting backgrounds prefer to plan their own finances as they can navigate their way through financial tangles and blunders, however, those with no expertise can get lost in winding financial roads. Those with complex financial situations and have little financial experience will greatly benefit with financial planning assistance. Asking for help in financial planning if needed is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of common sense.

When it comes to financial planning St. Louis experts recommend hiring an investment advisor. Investment advisors are formerly called brokers, account executives, or stock brokers. They are responsible for buying and selling securities in behalf of their clients. They counsel clients regarding new investment opportunities and investment strategies.

Hiring an investment advisor St. Louis planners can trust needs a keen eye and deep thought. There are questions that an investor needs to ask before hiring an advisor. Is the advisor a certified financial planner? How long has he been in the business? Is his U4 record reputable and clean? Simply taking time to consider these questions may save you from a financial disaster.

If you want to stay involved with your investments with the aid of a financial advisor, an easy and manageable investment is through mutual funds. Investing on mutual funds St. Louis financial advisers say, is like "parking your hard-earned cash at your chosen type of fund in the hopes that it'll generate some revenue." Who knows? Your first million may soon become your first billion.

Hiring an investment advisor requires meticulous scrutiny and good judgment. Read more on how to hire a financial planner or advisor at

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kansas City No Credit Check Auto Sales - Buying a First Car

If you're a student or young adult who has never owned a car before, there are a few factors to consider before you make this important purchase. One problem that you may run up against is not having any credit history. While having no credit is better than having bad credit, it's still something that can be held against you by lenders. For those who are living in the Kansas City area, you can visit a Kansas City no credit check auto sales dealership. This is a way to get financing for your first car when you need it most. Having a vehicle in the Kansas City area is a good idea, because it is spread out over 15 counties, including Johnson County, and has a population of over 2 million residents.

Buying a car is a good way to get you around, whether you need to get to work, school, or a friend's house. By visiting a Kansas City no credit check auto sales center, you can peruse your options without worrying about being denied due to your lack of credit history. However, you will need to qualify for financing based on some other criteria. For example, you will either need to have your own form of employment or your parents will need to offer their financial details. You will also need to submit a valid driver's license, and your insurance papers.

With this in mind, it's a good idea to think about the type of car you want before you visit the Kansas City no credit check auto sales dealership. Think about the size and model of car that will best fit your lifestyle. If you're going to be using this car only for yourself, you could choose a smaller car, while if it's going to be shared with your family, you'll want something larger. If you plan on taking the car to college, you might want to choose a car that has enough storage to pack up your belongings.

The area where you will be driving your car can also influence the best type to choose from a Kansas City no credit check auto sales dealer. If you're going to be driving only on the highways, you will want a good cruiser that can handle high winds. For driving around Kansas City, it's a good idea to choose a hatchback or other smaller car that can zip in and out of traffic. These are just a few of the practicalities to think about when you are establishing credit and purchasing something as important as your first car.

What Net Operating Income is and How to Calculate

Net operating income (NOI) is one of the more important real estate investment calculations. Primarily because it represents the property's potential income after subtracting vacancy and operating expenses. In other words, net operating income represents a property's productivity, or measure of cash flow.

To help plant the idea, consider net operating income in one of the following two ways, depending on whether or not a mortgage exists.

The investor pays all cash for the property. In this case, since the investment property has no debt, NOI virtually becomes the rate of return expected from a property for any given annual period before taxes and depreciation are considered. In other words, given no deduction for debt service (loan payment), you can regard net operating income as the annual cash flow (cash flow before taxes, or CFBT).

The investor finances the property. Here, since the property has a mortgage, NOI should be regarded as the anticipated amount of cash flow available to pay the mortgage. In this case, only the remainder of NOI (net operating income less annual loan payment) becomes the annual cash flow before taxes (or CFBT).

How to Calculate Gross Scheduled Income Less Vacancy and Credit Loss = Gross Operating Income Less Operating Expenses* = Net Operating Income

Example: Assume that the income property you're analyzing has a GOI of 0,000 and Operating Expenses of ,000. What is the NOI?

0,000 Less ,000 = ,000

*Mortgage payments, depreciation, and capital expenditures are not considered operating expenses and therefore have no impact on net operating income.

It's Role in Real Estate Investing

Net operating income plays a large role in a variety of real estate investment and holding period decisions. For instance, capitalization rate (cap rate) is calculated by dividing NOI by sale price. Likewise, property value (or the property's sale price) is calculated by dividing NOI by the cap rate.

Example: Let's continue to assume a net operating income of ,000 (as in our example above) and a sale price of 0,000. What is the property's capitalization rate?

Net Operating Income Divided by Sale Price = Cap Rate

,000 Divided by 0,000 = 10.0%

Okay, now let's assume an NOI of ,000 of and a cap rate of 8.0%. What is the property value?

Net Operating Income Divided by Cap Rate = Property Value

,000 Divided by 10.0% = 0,000

Net operating income also plays a large role with lenders. For example, Debt Coverage Ratio (DCR) is calculated by dividing the net operating income by loan payment.

Net Operating Income Divided by Annual Loan Payment = Debt Coverage Ratio

,000 Divided by ,000 = 1.26

How Credible Is It?

Conceptually, NOI is important because of its use in numerous calculations surrounding property performance. Because it's used to estimate property value and cap rate, as well as useful to lenders, NOI has become an essential component of real estate investment analysis. As a real estate investor, therefore, you should understand net operating income, and recognize what it means to your potential investment valuation.

But be careful.

Bear in mind that NOI is not unlike any other calculation used for real estate investing purposes. The result is only as good as the numbers are credible, and numbers can be manipulated. Sellers have sometimes been known to become very creative in order to make the relationship between the price and NOI to come out right.

So here's a tip. When a property appears to have a favorable NOI and in turn positive rates of return, don't simply accept the numbers. Spend the time to validate the numbers. Reconstruct the owner's representations for income and operating expenses if necessary, and compute your own NOI. Whatever you do, rely on nothing less then the most credible net operating income possible. You can't afford not to.

Monday, May 14, 2012

An Accountants Advice On The Wealth Tax Changes In France

In proposals now enacted by Parliament, significant changes have been made to the wealth tax (impt de solidarit sur la fortune).

Whereas previously, the government had talked of abolishing the tax altogether, it has settled for a less politically controversial increase in the threshold at which the tax becomes payable, from EUR 800 000 to EUR 1 300 000. Also, the previous six-band rate structure is scrapped in favour of just two bands 0.25% on total net taxable assets of between EUR 1.3 million and EUR 3 million, and 0.5% on assets of more than EUR 3 million. These are discrete bands, so that once the upper threshold is exceeded, the taxpayer's whole wealth is taxable at the higher rate. Similarly, whereas a taxpayer with taxable assets of EUR 1 300 000 would pay no tax, one with taxable assets of EUR 1 300 001 would in theory pay EUR 3250. To avoid two sudden jumps at both thresholds, there is a smoothing mechanism for taxpayers with taxable assets of between EUR 1.3 million and EUR 1.4 million and also for those with taxable assets of between EUR 3 million and EUR 3.1 million.

These new thresholds and rates apply as from 1 January 2012.

Existing exemptions and reliefs will still apply, but shareholders' loans to an SCI (socit civile immobilire a special type of property-holding company often used to invest in French property, especially by non-residents) will no longer be deductible for wealth-tax purposes.

For 2011, the new EUR 1.3 million threshold also applies, but otherwise the existing rate bands are unchanged.

Under the existing rules, rates range from 0.55% to 1.8% and the bands are cumulative. The deadline for returns and payment, normally 30 June, has been extended to 30 September 2011 in the case of 2011 returns.

Wealth tax is payable on a person's net taxable assets as at 1 January of the relevant tax year. For residents of France, the tax extends to worldwide assets, whereas for non-residents, only assets situated in France (second homes, for example) are taxable.

Other changes to personal taxation include abolition of the bouclier fiscal (tax shield') under which a Frenchresident taxpayer's aggregate liability to income tax, social security contributions on investment income, wealth tax and property tax on the taxpayer's principal residence could not exceed 50% of the previous year's taxable income.

Second-home tax dropped at last moment

In a surprise move, another element of the tax reform, a new tax on non-resident owners of second and holiday homes in France was dropped from the Bill before it was presented to the upper house of the French parliament, the Senate.

The government announced the decision on 20 June, after the tax had already been approved by the lower house, the Assemble Gnrale. The new tax would have been charged at 20% of the home's theoretical annual rental value on all non-resident owned property, except for the principal residence. It would have replaced an income tax on three times the annual rental value of French property, payable only by residents of countries outside the European Union which do not have an appropriate tax treaty with France (see also below).

There were doubts as to whether the tax would have been compatible with European law, as there appeared to be no exemption for residents of other EU Member States.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Major Changes In Indirect Taxes

V. S. Datey

1. Budget 2009 was presented before Parliament on 6-7-2009. The major changes in indirect taxes are summarised below:

2.1-No change in existing rate of service tax - Existing rate of service tax of 10 per cent continues unchanged.

2.2 -New services and expansion of some services - Four new services are proposed to be taxed. Coverage of some existing services is proposed to be altered/enhanced. The levy on new services and expanded services will be effective after Finance (No. 2) Act, 2009 receives assent of President and date is notified.

2.2-1- New Services

a.Transport of goods through rail.

b.Transport of coastal goods and goods transported through inland water.

c.Legal services of consultancy, advice or technical assistance (but not service of appearance before any court of law or any statutory authority). Service will be taxable only when provided by business entity like firms, associates, enterprises, companies, etc., but not individual.

d.Cosmetic and plastic surgery undertaken to preserve or enhance physical appearance or beauty.

2.2-2- Coverage Of Existing Services

a.Job work under Business Auxiliary Service (BAS) is exempt if there is manufacture'. Now, this exemption is available only if excisable goods' are manufactured. Thus, if alcoholic liquor is manufactured on job work basis, the exemption will not be available.

b.Sub-brokers have been exempted from tax. They will also not be liable under Business Auxiliary Service as commission agent.

c.The word acquiring' IT software is being changed with retrospective effect from 16-5-2008 to providing'

2.3- Service tax on transfer of right to use IT software - Packaged, i.e., branded (canned) software is excisable goods' under Heading 8523 80 20 [earlier 8524 91 11, 8524 91 12 and 8524 91 13]. The rate of excise duty is 12% w.e.f.
1-3-2008. Information Technology Software falls under Heading 8524 40 11 of Customs Tariff. Duty is free'. Thus, on import of software (branded or tailor-made), there is no customs duty. However, excise duty of 12% is payable on branded (packaged or canned) software. Hence, CVD was payable if packaged or canned software is imported.

The issue was whether both service tax and CVD/excise duty are payable on transfer of right to use software. It is now provided that service tax is payable and not CVD or excise duty [Notification Nos. 22/2009-CE and 80/2009-Cus dated 7-7-2009].

2.4 -Works contract composition scheme - So far, in case of works contract, if tax was paid under composition scheme at the rate of 4.12%, the value of material supplied free by customer was not required to be included. Now, this value will have to be included while calculating gross amount of works contract'. Further, if contract is split and some amount is shown as sale', that value will also be includible for purpose of calculating gross amount of works contract'.

2.5- Exemptions

a.Private bus operators providing point-to- point transportation of passengers having contract carriage permit' have been exempted from service tax.

b.Inter-bank transactions of sale and purchase of foreign currency when undertaken by scheduled banks has been exempted.

2.6- Services provided to installations, structures and vessels in continental shelf of India and the EEZ - Services provided to installations, structures and vessels in the continental shelf of India and the EEZ by person outside India will be Import of Service' and the person receiving the service will be liable to pay service tax under reverse charge method.

2.7 - Modifications in refund scheme of services utilised by exporters Scheme of refund of service tax on services utilised for exports has been modified. In case of GTA service and services of foreign commission agent (where service receiver is liable to pay service tax), the service tax is exempt [Notification No. 18/2009-ST, dated 7-7-2009].

In case of other services, the procedure has been simplified and (hopefully) refund will be obtained within one month on basis of self-certification or certification of CA [Notification No. 17/2009-ST, dated 7-7-2009].

2.8- Cenvat credit when exempt as well as taxable services provided - If both taxable and exempt services are provided, the assessee was required to pay 8% amount' under rule 6(3)(i) of the Cenvat Credit Rules w.e.f. 1-4-2008. Now, the amount' payable is 6% of value of exempted services w.e.f. 7-7-2009.

2.9- Duty rate - The general rate of excise duty continues to be 8% (Rate of service tax continues to be 10%). In case of many items, the duty rate which was 4% has been increased to 8%, except a few items.

In case of textile sector, the provision as applicable to manmade and natural textiles was disturbed when excise duty was reduced from 14% to 10% w.e.f. 7-12-2008 (and later to 8%) Now, duty regime as prevailing prior to 7-12-2008 has been restored.

3.0-Exemptions from duty

a.Branded jewellery has been fully exempted from excise duty (The duty rate was 2% till 6-7-2009).

b.Goods falling under Chapter 68 manufactured at the site of construction for use in construction work at the site have been exempted [Sl. No. 10 of Notification No. 5/2006-CE, dated 1-3-2006 amended w.e.f.

7-7-2009] (They had become liable to duty in view of amendment to definition of excisable goods' in section 2(d) of Central Excise Act amended w.e.f. 10-5-2008)

a.Printed laminated rolls manufactured with brand name of another person would be eligible for SSI exemption.

b.EVA compound manufactured on job work basis for further manufacture of footwear has been exempted.

3.1- Service taxon transfer of right to use IT Software and no excise duty - See para 2.3 above

3.2- Cenvat credit when exempt as well as taxable service provided and exempted as well as taxable goods - See Para 2.8

Similarly, if both dutiable and exempt goods are manufactured, the assessee was required to pay 10% amount' under rule 6(3)(i) of Cenvat Credit Rules w.e.f. 1-4-2008. Now, the amount' payable is 5% of value of exempted goods w.e.f. 7-7-2009.

3.3- Input does not include steel, cement etc. used for construction of shed, building or structure - Explanation 2 of rule 2(k) of Cenvat Credit Rules has been amended w.e.f. 7-7-2009 to clarify that Input' shall not include cement, angles, channels, Centrally Twisted Deform bar (CTD) or Thermo Mechanically Treated bar (TMT) and other items used for construction of factory shed, building or laying of foundation or making of structures for support of capital goods.

Friday, May 11, 2012

It Is Important To Discover Your Clients Core Values

What I aim to achieve in this essay is to determine what Core Values are, and where they come from. I will describe how the Client will live their life according to those values, or not as the case may be. Also what the consequences are for the Client if their values are not in alignment with their goals and beliefs. Finally, I will look at where values fit in with goals and beliefs, and the potential for the Client to sabotage themselves. In doing so I will answer if discovering the Clients Core values is important.

Before we can discuss whether a Clients Core Values are important to discover or not, we must first seek to understand what a value is. There are numerous definitions of what values are. In the coaching arena, a value represents how people associate different values with the world at large. Here I have tried to combine a few of the common ones, and link them together.

Values are the qualities of a life lived fully from the inside out . There are no right or wrong values; neither are they principles or standards. They are the personal rules, by which we choose to live. Values are who we are right now, not who we would like to be, or think we should be. They serve as a compass pointing out what it means to be your true self.

They determine who we are, what life means to us and the actions we take. They are the must haves beyond food and shelter; these are non-negotiable for the Client in order to be fulfilled. They are unique in that they are different for each individual. Values are the supporting framework for our beliefs. Often they are developed at an unconscious level coming from family backgrounds, teachers, and peer groups. They develop over time as we develop as individuals. They are often masked by general life values , so getting beyond these reveals the true identity of a person.

A Core Value is one that is relevant to all aspects of an individual's life, not just in one life area such as career, money, or physical environment. Interestingly in The Coaching Manual it talks about values being in alignment with goals, but does not cover what values are in the whole book! The coaching model mentions step 3, values but does nothing to explain what they are.

Steven Covey refers to values being maps in our heads, or the way things should be. We are often unaware we have them and assume the way we see things is they way they really are. In Susan Jeffers book she makes an interesting reference to values as establishing your priorities, which is more in line with your overall goals, when making decisions in life.

It is interesting to note that there appears to be a large body of work that suggests a relationship between beliefs, values and goals. Which I agree does lead to fulfilment. While the latter two definitions are valid, they are not descriptive enough for me, but are included to demonstrate the broad interpretation of values.

The very reason we elicit our Clients Core Values is to understand the controlling factor behind their beliefs, behaviours and motivation. When a Client is able to live their life and honour their values on a consistent basis, then life will be fulfilling for them. They will continue to grow and develop (although this may still mean hard work at times!).

When a Client is not able to honour their values, they may lack motivation, or feel a sense of stress. A typical example is one that I have experienced myself while working for a large corporation. The corporation had its own values and missions; in order to tow the company line I had to adopt these in the workplace. What I found however is that they were in conflict with my own Core Values, and I sensed a feeling of great stress not being able to honour them. Considering that we spend a large proportion of our lives at work this is not a small issue.

By not honouring your Core Values, there may also be a knock-on effect in other areas of life i.e. relationship, recreation, finance. Some of these effects may have far reaching consequences, and not all of them of a positive nature. Therefore it is clear that only by discovery, can the client begin the path to fulfilment, and to identify what might be behind any areas of stress in their lives. The evidence I have so far supports my statement.

Values clarification and elicitation exercises are helpful for the coach to get to know the Client, and for the Client to know themselves. Both can use values to facilitate choices, take appropriate actions and recognise which values are an issue. There are a number of ways in which we can discover our Clients Core Values. They all seek to uncover the values that are already there. Nicola Stevens suggests using questions that can assist in clarifying a Clients values. By using negative and positive situations for them to recall, you can draw out clues to those Core Values.

In Co-Active Coaching they ask the Client to describe their values in their own lives. They can refer to a peak moment in time that was particularly rewarding or significant in their lives. This pins down how they were feeling, or what values were being honoured at that moment. There is also mention of suppressed values where the opposite extreme is identified. For example when a Client is angry or upset, a value may have been violated. This value can then be identified and explored.

A further way to define the values is to use a values elicitation exercise which as an outcome will produce a prioritised list. This allows the Client to asses each value in turn, and to give them a weighting. A value based decision matrix is an exercise designed for Clients to prioritise their values and review them over time. Where values score low, these could be good opportunities for further exploration.

In Pam Richardson's book The Life Coach , she also demonstrates an alternative way to elicit core values. She presents a values cycle where the Client fills in a value in each segment, and on a scale how much that particular value is being honoured right now.

These are all good ways to elicit the Clients Core Values, without getting them to select them from a checklist. The reason a checklist should be avoided is that Clients may pick words that describe how they would like to be, or what they think other people want to hear. Also they may not be the words that the Client may naturally use in their vocabulary and therefore may not feel a strong affinity to. However I see the disadvantage of the values cycle is that it conditions the Client to thinking they can only have a number of values consistent with segments in the wheel (8 in the example). While it addresses the values and how they are being honoured at present, it does not go deeper to classify them in any particular hierarchy.

Once the Core Values are discovered, you can see how much a Client is honouring these values. They may take weeks and months to finalise, and do not always get done in the first pass of any exercise. They will also change from time to time which is to be expected, to reflect where a Client is in their lives, and also if that value still serves them.

Although initially you would do this on the Clients whole life in general, it may be fruitful to repeat the process in other areas of the Clients life such as Career, Financial, or Recreation. There may or may not be differences in the Core Values, however if there is an area of life (wheel of life) that is scoring low, then this may suggest a misalignment of a value.

The order of hierarchy will determine the weighting of a Core Value. The highest will have the greatest influence on an outcome. If the top value is in conflict with another value, then a mixed outcome is possible. Often the Client will say the first thing that comes into their heads. Sometimes they will state a value in order to project a specific impression of themselves. Comparing the values after doing the values elicitation exercise is very helpful to a Client in raising their awareness of where they are now in relation to their values.

The Coach must be careful in interpreting the words that the Client uses to describe a value. They could have completely different meanings for both parties. Often a Client will use a Chunk word for example Family, which when probed deeper may reveal spending more time together, or sharing which may be the true value. Therefore a good Coach would ask the Client to explain what that particular word means to them.

It is important that values are in alignment with the Client's vision and beliefs prior to them setting goals. If it is not done in this sequence, then the goals the Client may choose to pursue may not give them true fulfilment. Important life decisions are easier to make and the outcomes are more fulfilling when based on well understood Core Values.

Steven Covey states that in developing your personal mission statement (goals), your values should guide you , supporting the earlier definitions. Julie Starr in The Coaching Manual also states that often a goal out of alignment requires a Client to go back and check their values, and when done correctly can increase motivation towards that goal. I support both arguments and think that alignment is a key principle to a fulfilling life.

A simple way to check this is to ask the Client how achieving a particular goal will honour or fulfil one of their Core Values. If the goal does not then this is one area for future work. Although goal setting is not part of this study, it is mentioned here for completeness.

Values have an impact on our beliefs, which together contribute to our goal setting, and what we wish to achieve. This is sometimes referred to as the unstoppable combination , when values, beliefs and goals are in alignment. I think that this describes the alignment completely, and that values are only part of the jigsaw.

When a Client honours their values they support motivation and purpose for action. They undermine the work of the saboteur because action based on values is more powerful than the saboteur's reasons for not taking action, or taking some other course of action. Lastly they will go on to lead fulfilling lives.
In the NM Practitioner Diploma workbook, it states that no goal will give you true fulfilment unless it is congruent with your personal values . It then goes on to say all goals, dreams and desires are simply the vehicle for fulfilling our values. I fully agree with these statements and it is supported in the earlier reference to the definitions. There is a clear link between goals, beliefs and values.

In conclusion I feel that discovering and understanding your Clients Core Values is fundamental to an effective coaching relationship, and should be done sooner rather than later in the process. They are important for the following reasons.

Values determine who the Client is right now. Values clarification is helpful for the Client to know themselves and what makes them. Equally it allows the coach to get to know the Client. Values can help facilitate choices, take appropriate actions and recognise which values are an issue. They are part of the unstoppable combination , when values, beliefs and goals are in alignment.

There are various methods and techniques to elicit your Clients Core Values. It is not critical which one you use. I personally favour the values elicitation exercise in the NM Practitioner Diploma Workbook. What is important however is to avoid giving your Client a list to choose from. Remain mindful of their interpretation and meaning to the words they use to describe a value for them.

When a Client is able to live their life and honour their values on a consistent basis, then life will be fulfilling for them. They will continue to grow and develop.

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Noble Manhattan Practitioner Coach Diploma Workbook

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Home Equity Loans: How To Ensure Qualification

When it comes to turning assets into cash, there are numerous methods that financial advisors will point to. But these can be complicated at times, leaving us bamboozled and confused. But when turning the value of your home into hard cash, the process is relatively easy. It comes down to a home equity loan from your lender.
Of course, there are risks involved and facets that need to be paid careful attention to. Simply getting loan approval is only part of the task; being able to repay them over a long period of time is the trick.

This is the core point that lenders look at, and as long as method and affordability are confirmed, then approval of home equity loans despite bad credit is practically assured.

Reliable Income

No prizes for guessing that having a reliable income is one of the most important factors in getting a home equity loan, as well as any other loan. The equity available from any particular property is not enough to sway a decision in favor of the applicant. After all, the loan must be repaid month-by-month.

The best way to prove a reliable income is to provide statements from an employer confirming a full-time contract, while a history of bank deposits can also be useful. But remember that providing proof of a reliable income is only half the battle when getting loan approval.

The amount of available income is arguably just as important as having a reliable source. The typical monthly obligations, like utility bills, credit card debts and existing loan repayments affect the amount of money free to commit to repaying a new loan. A home equity loan, despite bad credit, is possible but difficult if existing commitments are high.

Loan to Value Ratio

This is one of the most important calculations when buying a home, and is used when assessing the size of a home equity loan. It comes down to the percentage of the overall market value of the home compared to the amount of debt that is still tied to it. Often, when buying a home, a lender states that 80% of the LVR is available as a mortgage, leaving 20% to secure by other means - usually as a down payment.

Getting loan approval is not particularly difficult when equity is provided as security, but it is important to assess just how much is available to use as collateral. For example, a home bought with a mortgage of 0,000 may have increased in value to 0,000 over 10 years. Mortgage repayments may mean that debt owed is now ,000, with ,000 freed up.

What this means is that the overall equity available on the home is ,000, though an LVR of 20% may place a limit of ,000 (20% of 0,000). This is a significant amount of security to possess, which is why getting home equity loans despite bad credit is so straightforward.

A Good Credit Score

The importance of having a good credit score is not quite as significant as many people believe. A high score will always be welcomed by lenders, but even a low credit score will not stop an applicant getting a home equity loan. However, it does have an influence.

A low score will mean a higher interest rate will be charged, and this pushes the monthly repayments higher. This can mean that the deal becomes unaffordable, which depends in turn on the amount of available income there is. So getting loan approval can be harder.

For this reason, it is worth taking a look at your credit report and examining how best to improve the credit score. It is certainly possible to get approval on home equity loans despite bad credit, but there are complications.

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A Look At Buy Here Pay Here Financing- What Is It Exactly?

If you are looking to purchase a motor vehicle then you should acquaint yourself with the Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) concept. You want to be able to trust in the dealership that you work with because you want a car that is dependable for your transportation needs. You also want to find a financing plan that is affordable for you and works with your budget and not against it. A new used automobile may be in your future if you are able to find a company that can tailor a financing plan to suit you.

Buy here pay here may sound like a strange term but it is actually relatively easy to understand. It is a form of financing for automobiles whereby the loan is set up and arranged through the dealership, as well as all future payments. It is a type of one stop shopping that is simple and convenient for both the buyer as well as the dealer. The person who wishes to purchase a car does not have to go to their bank or credit union for a loan but can do everything they need to at the dealership.

When you decide to take advantage of the buy here pay here model you buy a motor vehicle through what is known as in-house financing. By so doing you make an arrangement to make weekly or bi-weekly payments through the dealer as opposed to making your payments on a monthly basis to a traditional lender. Some dealerships that work with the BHPH option allow their customers to pay via telephone or the internet while others deem it a requirement for the individual to come into their business and pay with cash or a check. In this way you buy at the dealership and also pay at it.

There is not a great deal of difference between the buy here pay here car business and a traditional company that sells automobiles. There are many traditional dealerships that sell new and used cars that are now offering this type of financing to their customers. You may not see the exact words in a sign in the window of the establishment but if you see signs that read "Financing Available" or "We Finance" then that is the same idea. If you do not see any signs whatsoever that mention financing then do not hesitate to ask.

The main difference between a traditional company that specializes in the selling of cars and one that offers BHPH is the shopping experience that awaits the customer. When you visit a traditional establishment a discussion of finances often comes at the end of the discussion with the sales person. First, the prospective buyer will look around; ask questions and maybe test drive a vehicle or two. Talk of money comes later. At a buy here pay here business the process will be reversed. The conversation starts with money and credit and then comes the opportunity to look at the selection of cars available.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Why Did I Borrow From My Pension Plan?

Do some online research about borrowing or taking out a loan from your 401(K) plan and you will see about 99% of the sites you visit will tell you to never borrow money from your pension.

So, why did I borrow from mine? I will tell you.

First, mine is not a 401(K). It is similar and called a TSP Thrift Savings Plan. It is run by the US Government and is one of the largest pension plans in the world.

I wanted to invest in some property and looked at my options. My first option was a home equity line of credit. I have a condo now for about 20 years so I have some equity in it. My credit is good, and it was an easy acceptance from the lender.

The problems were the fees and interest rate.

The interest rate was actually decent but the fees were in the thousands of dollars.

I looked for an alternative and found that I could borrow from myself. So here are the reasons I took out a loan from my pension fund.

1. I had enough money in the fund. I was allowed to borrow 50% or 50,000, whichever was less. I borrowed ,000.
2. The interest rate was the lowest in town. I borrowed the money on February, 21, 2008 at 3.5%.
3. Simple application. I had to fill out a one-page form and fax it to the TSP office. I could have submitted it electronically and received a check in the mail. But, to get a direct deposit, a signature and a fax was required.
4. Low fees. TSP charges a flat rate of fifty dollars for the loan.
5. Paying it back. This is the beauty in my mind. It is an automatic payroll deduction, with no paperwork, and the money goes right back to my TSP (pension) with the 3.5%. I don't have to think, and I will never be late with a payment.
6. Length of loan. TSP has two types of loans. 15 year and 5 year. The 15 year loan for investing in your primary residence. The 5 year loan is for personal use. I chose the 5 year because my property investment will be overseas in Thailand and will not be my primary residence.

What is the downside?

There are a few items to consider. The money I am using is pre-tax and now I borrowed it. There may be tax implications.

I plan to pay the loan for two of the five years and then retiring. So, what happens to the money that I borrowed and have not paid back? It will now be declared as income unless I pay it back within about 60 days. If I can not pay it back, I will have to count this as taxable income, but, I don't care. I will be retired and my income will be low.

My money is not in the market. True, 50K is now not going up or down. But, about 0 every two weeks, along with my normal investment, will be going back to my TSP. So, it will grow back.

Anyhow, that was what I did. It may not be the solution to your financial issue, but it is something to consider if you have a TSP and need some cash for college, a house, or to pay some bills.

Look For Genuine Poor Credit score Individual Loans From Reliable Non-Bank Lenders Through Google Ma

If you need to have a mortgage up to 00, you finest possibility is to get a money advance mortgage.

What is a income loan?

Effective personal loans are short term loans that are provided to candidates in one hour to 48 several hours. You need to have a checking or financial savings account to get a mortgage since funds are transferred into your account, if you qualify. Most lenders offer loans from $ one hundred to $ one thousand, if you make 00 or extra per month and have been steadily employed with the same employer for 180 days or a lot more.

What if I have terrible credit?

Because loans secured towards long run paychecks, most applicants are accredited, even if they have lousy credit. Candidates have to show that they have steady resource of income. Don't drop for "unemployment funds loan" scams. There is no these matter as a free lunch - you have to wonder, why a lender will give you a loan, if you have no way to back again again the loan.

What documentation do I will need?

On the web paperless or at times referred to as "faxless" loan companies, make it easy for you to apply for a mortgage and get income wired to your account devoid of filling out any paperwork. Everything is executed on the web. You comprehensive a fast on the web software. A mortgage representative calls you back again to verify your details and wires funds to your account.

At times, you could have an urgent have to have for cash. This money may well be required to meet sudden expenses like health-related payments, residence repairs, which can't be set off, unexpected friends or some bill payments. There are firms which provide loans to meet this kind of demands. These are the paper test payday loans, which are obtainable in advance to your following pay out check out.

Paper verify payday loans are income advance schemes granted to meet your emergency requires. These predicaments can crop up at any time in your lifestyle and you may perhaps not have the finances to meet them. They are typically small time period loans with quantities varying close to $ one hundred - $ one,000.

Negative Credit score is Okay

New doorways are opened up for all those with a lousy credit score background. Bad credit score holders need to have not battle for funds and run helter-skelter for urgent funds. Finances are now out there even for these men and women. The fast cash loans are small phrase unsecured loans in which no credit score examine is accomplished for the approval. The approval for this kind of loans is really rapid and quick and the quantity is deposited into your account inside 24 several hours.

Payday loans are also accessible on the web. It has now grow to be rather straightforward to get access to these paper look at payday loans. The loans are available on the internet and there is no requirement of faxing of paperwork to and fro. Faxing is a prolonged and tedious course of action and is time consuming. You can now avail these loans with no fax prerequisites and is fully headache totally free. The approval is very fast for these loans and you can have money into your account inside 24 several hours.

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Technology Drives The Airline Industry

In the present era, technology is driving the entire business world with continuous improvement in communication and efficiency at workplace. The increased use of computers, internet, and e-mails has revolutionized the world with its bunch of benefits. On the other end of the spectrum, the business sector has also embraced technology with open hands witnessing the increased proficiency and credibility across all segments including the transport industry, retail segment, real-estate sector, finance, electronics, and fashion.

Among all the industries benefiting from the advancement in computer technology, airline is one enjoying the maximum benefits. The airline industry is growing leaps and bounds because of the revolutionary advancement in the techno world. It has completely changed the structure, form, and future of the industry in all ways.

At present airways is one of the most comfortable, relaxing, convenient, and fastest mode of transport. This high level of comfort has become a necessity for many especially for the elite class. Internet has given a huge thrust to the industry by heightening the comfort level in various ways. The first and the foremost benefit offered is the availability of cheap airfares through online booking. Anyone can now easily book the desired airline ticket through the internet. Many websites and portals have been exclusively designed and structured to ensure easy and convenient online booking. Travelers can also compare prices of different airlines flying to their desired destination and then choose the best offered price. On almost all the booking websites there are options of the price range and the time period that can be selected as desired. A selection of a specific price range will show airfares available in the desired segment. There are all possible ways to restrict or expand the search. It just takes a few clicks to get an airline ticket with ease and comfort and that also at cheap rates.

Apart from getting cheap airfares through online booking, technology has offered other benefits as well. Social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Orkut are giving a boom to the industry with their widespread reach and huge number of users. There are possibilities that every time an individual is searching for airfares he or she may not get into a specific airline website but with the help of social networking sites word can be spread out. Any deals or discounts released on such sites often pass on like a virus if done in the right manner. Through such sites a direct communication with the customers becomes more efficient and this helps to nurture the existing customer base. As these social sites have a strong customer base it beholds the magic to empower users to spread the word.

Purchasing airline tickets has actually been simplified with the introduction of online reservation services. Amazingly, this valuable introduction has created a rage in the airline industry.

How Do Traditional Hip Hop Artists Differ From Underground Rappers?

The term underground rapper first surfaced in the 90s. Back then it was used to refer to hip hop artists that were alternative in some way, shape, or form, be it through their beats or lyrical content. Today the term underground rapper still means more or less the same thing, but thanks to the Internet, the encyclopedia of underground rappers is enormous.

In fact, thanks to their originality and unique, cult-forming personalities, this writer would wager that underground rappers would sell as much if not more than the traditional hip hop artists that you see at the top of the billboard charts today if it weren't for the record label investment separating them.

That's an argument for another day. For now, let's compare two breeds of hip hop artist: the underground rapper of 2012, Insane Clown Posse (Not so Normal ICP), and one of 2012's most prominent mainstream hip hop artists, Jay Z.

One is from the Midwest, the other from Brooklyn, but both are urban dwellers, probably the most significant influence on their music making as hip hop artists. Beyond that, both are around the same age, both have media empires to their credit, and both rose to prominence in the 90s. One is married to a pop star, the others have quiet families of their own. Both are famous. Normal ICP (following mainstream society's definition of normal) is not a thing, but considering Jay Z normal is the norm.

When it comes to musical content, however, this hip hop artist vs. underground rapper matchup could not be between two more different opponents. Mainstream hip hop artist Jay Z does not always rap about material wealth or territorial pride, but he does quite frequently. On the other hand, underground rappers ICP don't cover any of that in their lyrics. Instead, they stick to thoughts on the darker side of life, but use their lyric to empower their Juggalo listening base.

Through these underground rappers unprecedented creativity, they have constructed stories and mythology that will encourage anyone to make sure they stay on the right path. Normal ICP, to them, is this.

Furthermore, ICP being underground rappers, they make sure that there is a point or moral to every story they tell. Some content may seem crude or vulgar, but as far as that content that doesn't have a more resonating message, the guys consider it a joke. Just like normal guys, normal ICP is to joke around from time to time.

More telling, they say, is their message to follow God and avoid hell, one location dramatically portrayed in many normal ICP songs. One will rarely, if ever, hear the guys in any normal ICP song spit rhymes about the newest shoes, cars, or chains.

The point is, when it comes to hip hop artists, you cannot use normal and ICP in the same sentence, and that's a good thing. Because normal and ICP don't align, they've created a movement that's bigger than they are, a refuge for the misunderstood to come and congregate. Because normal and ICP don't align, music fans that aren't attracted to normal hip hop artists now have an alternative. And even though normal and ICP can't really ever be used in the same sentence musically, these underground rappers have made it big time, and will probably be doing so for the foreseeable future.